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Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Grumman A-6E (Intruder) Serial No: 155648  


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 Marietta, Georgia

The National Guard, Not the Air Force, Is taking over the property in a couple of years. No word on what will happen with the Gate Guards; Trying to figure that out myself :)
12/24/2007 @ 20:56 [ref: 6623]
 Jacob Allen
 Hoschton, Georgia

I wonder what will happen to the aircraft on display once the Air Force takes it over. Will they get rid of them? Will they remember those of us that served there?
02/07/2007 @ 07:06 [ref: 5598]
 I hate muslims
 , Georgia

how about you show interest in your own country\'s military
09/12/2006 @ 07:12 [ref: 5253]
 Greg Parrott
 , Illinois

I'm a retired metalsmith. I started with the A-6 in 84 with VA-42, then in 88 I went to VA-128. My last A-6 squadron was with the Green Falcons at NAS Atlanta. I was with them until they where decommisioned. The A-6 is still the greatest a/c every built, and all my tours within the A-6 commuity was great. But VA-205 was the best.
11/12/2005 @ 18:45 [ref: 4582]
 Ted Unser
 Marietta, Georgia

Atlanta NAS has an A7 mounted as a gate guard outside the base. Just inside the main gate there is a small display that contains an A4 and an AH1 on one side of the road. On the other side of the road is an E2C, F14, and FA18. There is also an A6E on display farther into the base by the hangers.
10/29/2000 @ 13:27 [ref: 556]
 faris shams aldin khalil
 brooklyn, New York

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09/06/2000 @ 01:43 [ref: 429]


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