Grumman A-6E 'Intruder'

Notes: Improved A-6A.

  Base model:A-6
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Attack
  Crew:Pilot & Bombardier-Navigator
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  Length: 54' 9" 16.6 m
  Height:16' 2" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 53' 0" 16.1 m
  Wingarea: 529.0 sq ft 49.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 26,746 lb 12,129 kg
  Max Weight: 60,400 lb 27,392 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J52-P-8A
  Thrust (each): 9,300 lb 4,217 kg

  Range: 1,010 miles 1,626 km
  Cruise Speed: 474 mph 763 km/h 412 kt
  Max Speed: 644 mph 1,037 km/h 560 kt
  Climb: 7,620 ft/min 2,322 m/min
  Ceiling: 42,400 ft 12,923 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USN NAWC/AD Patuxent River MD
USN VA-34 Oceana VA
USN VA-35 Oceana VA
USN VA-36 Oceana VA
USN VA-42 Oceana VA
USN VA-52 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-65 Oceana VA
USN VA-75 Oceana VA
USN VA-85 Oceana VA
USN VA-95 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-115 Atsugi Japan
USN VA-128 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-145 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-155 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-165 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-176 Oceana VA
USN VA-196 Whidbey Island WA
USN VA-205 Atlanta GA
USN VA-304 Alameda CA
USMC VMA(AW)-224 Cherry Point SC
USMC VMA(AW)-332 Cherry Point SC
USMC VMA(AW)-533 Cherry Point SC
USMC VMAT(AW)-202 Cherry Point SC
USN VX-5 China Lake CA

Known serial numbers
158041 / 158052, 158528 / 158539, 158787 / 158798, 159174 / 159185, 159309 / 159317, 159567 / 159581 , 159895 / 159906 , 160421 / 160431 , 160993 / 160998 , 161082 / 161093 , 161100 / 161111 , 161112 / 161114 , 161230 / 161235 , 161236 / 161241 , 161659 / 161690 , 161691 / 161694 , 161886 / 161897 , 162179 / 162182 , 162188 / 162212 , 162213 / 162222 , 164376 / 164385

Examples of this type may be found at
Museum of FlightSeattleWashington
NAS AtlantaAtlantaGeorgia
NAS FallonFallonNevada
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida
Oklahoma Air Space MuseumOklahoma CityOklahoma
Pacific Coast Air MuseumSanta RosaCalifornia
Patriots Point Naval and Maritime MuseumMt. PleasantSouth Carolina
Quonset Air MuseumNorth KingstonRhode Island
San Diego Aerospace MuseumSan DiegoCalifornia
USS Lexington Museum On The BayCorpus ChristiTexas
Valiant Air Command MuseumTitusvilleFlorida

A-6E on display

Museum of Flight

NAS Fallon

National Museum of Naval Aviation

Pacific Coast Air Museum

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

USS Lexington Museum On The Bay

Valiant Air Command Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Nancy Finn
 , AZ
My Dad Bob McNeill was a bombardier navigator in the testing of the A6 on Long Island, NY in 1960, He later went on to be Site Project Manager for Grumman @ NAS Whidbey Island until his retirement in 1982.
02/28/2015 @ 08:32 [ref: 68959]
 Chesapeake, VA
I servied 8 years with this aircraft,first squadron VA-42 1987-1991 when the upgrade to the compsite wing was made alot of work that was. Then VA-85 crused on the America a few times then decomissioned that Squadron and went to VA-34.Was a great aircraft, hard work but anyone who was able to see the wall of water would tell you this was the work horse of the Navy during it's service.
02/21/2013 @ 14:39 [ref: 67606]
 Austin, TX
My first command in the military was VA-34, on my first cruise VA-34 took out some sites in Libya and was the supposedly the first squadron to use a Harpoon in combat action. I still to this day love the movie Flight Of The Intruder.
02/04/2012 @ 09:03 [ref: 52408]
 Julius Evans
 Woodbridge, VA
Wow, what a loud plane. I was high and low power turn qualed back in the day but in looking at the cockpit, I do not remember any of the controls. It is a distant memory as that was in 1981-1985. I was in VA-145 from 1980-1985. Left Whidbey en route to Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., the home of the Defense Information School (back then, of course). These days, it's at Fort George M. Meade, Md. Now, the old bird no longer flies.
10/04/2011 @ 10:34 [ref: 49366]
 Ben Snowden
 Virginia Beach, VA
In answer to the fellow asking about letters on the vertical stab- Its the Air Wing designator. I was in VA-42 which was "AD"... I was also in VA-176 which was "AE"... the ones beginning with "A" were east coast outfits and "N" were on the west coast... The numbers are the bureau number which never changes... It is the aircraft's serial number..
04/11/2011 @ 18:45 [ref: 37186]
 , FL
What do the letters on the vertical stabilizer stand for. I forgot and would like to be remined, must be getting old.
12/30/2010 @ 06:31 [ref: 35113]
 Keith Cone AD1(aw/sw)
 Hornell,, NY
Me and the A6 hung out together starting in jan. 79 in VA-42, then on to VA-176. AIMD J-52 Nas Oceana, then VA-65, VA-34...Then Came the DE-COM...VA-65,VA-35,VA-34 and VA-36, SAD. 19 Years at NAS OCEANA, nothing left but memories.
11/16/2010 @ 16:31 [ref: 33310]
 Julius L. Evans
 Woodbridge, VA
My first duty station after boot camp was VA-42 FRAMP out of Oceana, VA, in 1980. There, I learned the power plants systems and became an AD (aviation machinist mate jet engine mechanic). My first duty station after "A" School was VA-145 in Whidbey Island, WA. I was there from 1980 - 1985 and made the West Pac on the USS Ranger (CV-61)in 1981 and two other deployments on USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) in '82 and '84.


From the Swordsmen page: In early 1980 the Swordsmen completed work-ups for their 1980-81 WESTPAC deployment. As the Iranian hostage crisis completed one full year, the Swordsmen entered the Arabian Sea aboard RANGER. Completing this deployment, which was highlighted by the ultimate release of the American hostages, the squadron again began a period of transition by upgrading to the A-6E TRAM.

Integration of the A-6E TRAM and the Harpoon anti-ship missile during the 1982 WESTPAC deployment enabled the Swordsmen to significantly expand the strike capabilities of the Battle Group.

In January 1984 the Swordsmen again deployed to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans on board USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63). During this cruise, the KITTY HAWK ran over a Soviet Victor class submarine in the Sea of Japan. The squadron participated in TEAM SPIRIT '84 off the Korean Coast and set new records for long strike capability spending three months in the North Arabian Sea during the Persian Gulf crisis.

The squadron returned in August 1984 and began an extensive turnaround training cycle.

08/21/2010 @ 12:11 [ref: 29310]
 Marlene Wagner
 , NY
My Dad, Ed Wagner, was the project manager for the A-6E at Grumman in Bethpage. I call it "My Daddy's Plane." I have a beautiful framed pictured of this plane in flight and some other interesting memorabilia. It's an awesome plane. I got to go into an A-6E at Grumman but never got to go for a ride. My Dad worked at Grumman from 1950 until he retired in 1986.
07/23/2010 @ 05:45 [ref: 28379]
 Mark Sanchez
 Port Orange, FL
checked into vmat202 12/83,sent to vmaq2 when 202 shut down in'87(?) powerplants 6022 then 6017 on f18's el toro
06/05/2010 @ 15:07 [ref: 26550]


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