Chanute Display Center

Office of Public Affairs, Chanute Training Center
Chanute AFB

This list is available sorted by Manufacturer

Exhibits - By Primary role

Electronic Warfare / Special Electronics
Lockheed EC-121K (Warning Star) - Serial No: 141311

Experimental Versions
Boeing XB-47 (Stratojet) - Serial No: 46-0066

North American P-51H (Mustang) - Serial No: 44-64265

Ground training
North American GF-100C (Super Sabre) - Serial No: 54-1785

Observation & Communication
Cessna O-2A (Skymaster) - Serial No: 67-21411

Republic YF-84A (Thunderjet) - Serial No: 45-59494

Trainer (Advanced)
North American AT-6B (Texan) - Serial No: 41-17372

Last updated: 05/31/95.

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