Cessna O-2A 'Skymaster'

Notes: HIGH-WING monoplane with twin tail booms, aft pusher and forward puller engines and retractable landing gear. Used for forward air control mission (2 CREW) .
  Base model:O-2
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Observation

  Length: 29' 9" 9.0 m
  Height:9' 2" 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 38' 2" 11.6 m
  Wingarea: 202.5 sq ft 18.8 sq m
  Empty Weight: 2,705 lb 1,226 kg
  Gross Weight: 4,630 lb 2,099 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Continental IO-360
  Horsepower (each): 210

  Range: 780 miles 1,256 km
  Cruise Speed: 196 mph 315 km/h 170 kt
  Max Speed: 206 mph 331 km/h 178 kt
  Ceiling: 19,300 ft 5,882 m

Known serial numbers
25-387 / 25-404, 67-21295 / 67-21439, 68-6857 / 68-6903, 68-10828 / 68-10872, 68-10962 / 68-11070, 68-11122 / 68-11173 , 69-7601 / 69-7669 , 721300 , 721310 , 721318 , 721349 , 721365 , 721404 , 721414

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Mobility Command MuseumDover AFBDelaware
Air Power Park and MuseumHamptonVirginia
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
Chanute Display CenterChanute AFBIllinois
Confederate Air Force - Arizona WingMesaArizona
Dyess Linear Air ParkDyess AFBTexas
Illinois ANG - 182nd AG, PeoriaPeoriaIllinois
Kelly Field Heritage MuseumKelly AFBTexas
Lone Star Flight MuseumGalvestonTexas
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
New York ANG - 105th AG, NewburghNewburghNew York
Ohio ANG - 121st ARW, Rickenbacker ANGBColumbusOhio
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona
Selfridge Military Air MuseumSelfridge ANG BasMichigan
Shaw AFBShaw AFBSouth Carolina
South Dakota Air and Space MuseumEllsworth AFBSouth Dakota
Travis Air Force MuseumTravis AFBCalifornia
USAF Armament MuseumEglin AFBFlorida
USAF History and Traditions MuseumSan AntonioTexas
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio
Valiant Air Command MuseumTitusvilleFlorida

O-2A on display

Air Mobility Command Museum

Castle Air Museum

Chanute Display Center

Confederate Air Force - Arizona Wing

Dyess Linear Air Park

Lone Star Flight Museum

Museum of Aviation

Pima Air & Space Museum

Shaw AFB

Travis Air Force Museum

USAF Armament Museum

Valiant Air Command Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Jim Price
 kilmarnock, VA
We had some 0-2's at Patrick AFB when I was there in 1978 for Annual Field Training
11/17/2014 @ 04:34 [ref: 68765]
 Cris Lockley
 , VA
We had around 54 02A's At Bergstrom TX, I believe they went to Homestead FL. They weren't very flashy but they served a purpose and were fun to fly in.
08/03/2014 @ 09:49 [ref: 68584]
 Dean T/Matt C
 , CO
Matt and I are privileged to have just taken possession of O-2A, Cessna 337M-0016, USAF 67-21310. She sat in storage at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona from November of 1979 until purchased for the first time in 1994. She sat again from 1994 until September of this year when Matt and I purchased her.

We know that it arrived at its Vietnam location with the 20th TASS (APO 96337). As one of the first O-2s in Vietnam, it was most probably assigned to Dong Ha airfield or Khe Sahn in July of 1967. By November of 1967, it was assigned to the 19th TASS (APO 96227), out of Bien Hoa Airbase (or one of its forward locations until it left Vietnam in January of 1971.

Post-Vietnam service was limited to the 115th Tactical Air Support Group of the Wisconsin Air National Guard at Truax Field, Wisconsin from March, 1971 until sent to the boneyard in Arizona in 1979.

Matt and I are hoping that anyone at these locations during these timeframes would take a look at their photos and see if our tail number shows up. It would help us document the history of the plane and its time in service to our country. We'd also be interested in hearing from
O-2 pilots and ground personnel of either the 19th or the 20th that can help us fill in some holes. Thanks to everyone in advance. Please pass this on to other folks you think may be able to help.

Tail number to look for is 67-21310. Email replies to: mgadean @ yahoo.com
10/13/2013 @ 06:20 [ref: 68100]
 Craig Clary
 Anderson, SC
I understand freedom of the press, but why can't some of you sell your junk somewhere else, especially the porn sites, use your heads, Aviation Enthusiast Corner is for aviation, not selling your junk and your porn, seel you stuff somewhere else, you people are idiots.
07/20/2011 @ 16:07 [ref: 42141]
 Bobby Schiller
 Austin, TX
Now Kelly you know very well that 10968-68 was a hunk-o-junk compared to my fine bird, 68-6868. That's why you had to park it on the back row. I remember Capt. Paul. and am sure you remember my pilot Capt. Flash. Nice to see your still around and kicking.
06/18/2011 @ 22:22 [ref: 39661]
 jim mcclain
 pensacola, FL
anyone looking for an O-2 model can go to squadron.com or google any model shop online and look for the 1/48 scale Testors model kit. Arii also produced one in 1/72 scale but they are going to stop producing it. Get it before it's gone. Got my Testors kits for 12 bucks and Arii for 5.

Also, walt shiels' book about the cessna warbirds is on sale as it is going out of print. sells for 12 bucks at
Walt Shiel, Publisher, Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC
Five Rainbows Services - http://FiveRainbows.com
editing, typesetting, indexing, book covers, coaching, more
View From the Publishing Trenches blog - http://WaltShiel.com

06/18/2009 @ 05:22 [ref: 24246]
 jim mcclain
 pensacola, FL
I am interested in the advert about the O2 to a museum, etc. Whats the asking price and details?
I am working on converting cockpits to flt sims and tng aids for youth oriented orgs especially disabled kids and also for use by disabled vets interested in learning to fly. Anything donated is appreciated. We are gearing up at present but it is a project that can make a difference.
06/18/2009 @ 05:13 [ref: 24245]
 jim mcclain
 pensacola/ft myers, FL
1. I am right seat/crew chief for the owner of a couple O-2A's (for sale). I have pics for a book I am doing as well as for modelers.
2. Instead of seperate replies to inquiries on here, I will ask you to contact me if you are interested in buying one or have questions.
Jim McClain USAF Ret

06/18/2009 @ 05:09 [ref: 24244]
 Jack Gilbert
 Rio Rancho, NM
There is an old Hawk kit in 1/48 scale that can be used to build either an O-2A or an O-2B, but it requires considerable work to add the A model observation windows in the fuselage. I believe that Aurora and Airfix also did C337 and O-2 kits, but I'm not sure.
05/26/2009 @ 11:59 [ref: 24200]
 Gary Wellendorf
 Hurst, TX
I am creating a display (plastic models) of what I call twin tail boom military aircaft and have not been able to find a kit of the Cessna O-2 or its civilan equivalent. Any HELP would be appreciated.
05/07/2009 @ 06:04 [ref: 24151]


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