College Park Aviation Museum

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Address(1)1985 Cpl Frank Scott Drive.
CityCollege Park

Exhibits - By Primary role
Pioneer (Pre WW-I) - 'PION' 1909-1919
 Berliner Helicopter Serial No: Unknown  
 Wright 1911B (Flyer) Serial No: Unknown  
Undesignated Aircraft - '!UND' 1909-1919
 Curtiss JN.4D (Jenny) Serial No: Unknown  
Undesignated Aircraft
 Monocoupe 110 Serial No: nc12345 
Utility Transport
 ERCO Ercoupe415 (-D) Serial No: Unknown  
 ERCO Ercoupe415 (-D) Serial No: nc93942 
 Taylor J-2 (Cub) Serial No: NC16769 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 William P. III
 Harford County, Maryland

An excellent museum, essentially a "hidden gem" here in Maryland; I'd wager that even many airplane enthusiasts don't know of its existence. It's historically important as one of the oldest airpoortsin the US and has a fine collection of aircraft -- even for a larger facility. The airplanes include several examples of the neat little Ercoupe, which has important Maryland connections, and some other airplanes with local ties. There's a lot to see and I'd recommend this museum highly. A great visit.
05/11/2007 @ 11:08 [ref: 5916]
 Charleston, South Carolina

Visited recently on family vacation. Had a discrepancy with an admission issue and was treated very rudely. Asked for the Director of the Museum, who was conveniently, not available. Not a good experience.
04/15/2007 @ 20:50 [ref: 5831]
 Robert Herbert
 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Museum brings back many memories as I learned to fly at College Park back in the 60's I flew out of there and Schrom airport up in Greenbelt (my employer at the time) We had a lot of fun at College Park as trying to get those underpowered Cubs up in the air on a summers day was an adventure in itself. It is a shame that something founded by the Wright Bros. and in use for so long is now just a few planes with high grass around them.... even with the nice Museum a working airport would be much better.
03/15/2007 @ 09:47 [ref: 5739]
 , New York

What a great museum! I had no idea that College Park Airport was so important in the history of American aviation! This place is a great alternative to the overcrowded Air and Space Museum downtown. They have a good website, with directions and a calendar of events:
05/13/2004 @ 15:10 [ref: 3154]
 , Maryland

Great museum for kids! They have recently added several aircraft to the main gallery, including one that you can actually get in. It's right by a metro stop too, so you can go from the downtown DC museums out to College Park with no problem. I highly recommend this museum.
06/17/2002 @ 15:30 [ref: 2214]
 The Riley's
 , Massachusetts

This is a pristine little airport museum with fun, interactive exhibits for the whole family. There were also some unique historic examples of general aviation artifacts. There is an animatronic Orville Wright (so real it is scary!), who gives you a good introduction to the history of aviation. There is also a 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant on the College Park Runway about 200 yards away. Excellent day trip.
06/11/2000 @ 11:52 [ref: 186]
 John T. Lowry, Ph.D.
 Billings, Montana

I've been trying for the past month to arrange to use the College Park Aviation Museum for an upcoming event, but have had no luck getting my phone calls returned. And evidently no one else there can speak to me about scheduling the event besides the director, Kathy Allen. I've even had third parties in that vicinity call to attempt to overcome this "zone of silence," but to no avail. At present it simply looks like this Wolf Aviation Fund sponsored event will have to look elsewhere. Too bad, since I've heard very good things about the museum.
03/29/2000 @ 07:25 [ref: 13]

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