Minnesota ANG - 148th FG, Duluth

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Address(1)Duluth International Airport

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Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4D (Phantom II) Serial No: 65-0608 


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 , California

Only flew this particular aircraft once. It needed a gun. Fired one Sidewinder, shot down one Mig-21 Fishbed. 1013 Hours, Sept 12, 1972, Yen Bai, North Vietnam.
09/07/2006 @ 21:24 [ref: 5238]
 Donald (Don) L. Carlson
 Superior, Wisconsin

Proud member from February 1967 to January 1973. CAMRON, Electric Shop. Wonderful people and wonderful life time experiences. Thanks for the memories!
07/05/2006 @ 05:36 [ref: 5111]
 John D. McElwain
 Locust Valley, New York

I am a former Interceptor Director SAGE, 62-65 across the field. Am trying to get information on the old BOMARC site and the intecptors. Anyone around that can help? Meantime, I see that a lot has happened since then. It was a great time for me, I fondly remember those three (3) summer days. Thanks, John God Bless America!!
11/05/2001 @ 22:00 [ref: 1585]
 Peter Denny
 minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm sorry that I had to put an american address otherwise the system won't let me email you. My name is Peter Denny and I am the Director of Adventure Aviation International. I organise tours for Australian Pilots. I will be in Duluth the week after the Oshkosh Air show and I would like to discuss with you the idea of sending australian pilots to visit your museum. Could you send me hard copy of information to me please. My address is 33 Cheviot Street, Grange, Queensland, Australia. 4051. I have also a contact in Minneapolis her name is Ludmilla Prestwich, phone 612 529 5325 Regards Peter denny
05/09/2000 @ 02:37 [ref: 121]

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