North Carolina ANG - 145th AG, Charlotte

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Address(1)Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
StateNorth Carolina

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Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 North American F-86L (SabreJet) Serial No: 52-4142 


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  Eddie Dakota,
 Hickory, North Carolina

This beautiful example is pylon mounted near the base gate. Close to the CHAC museum.
09/23/2010 @ 05:49 [ref: 10850]
 , Montana

05/29/2007 @ 10:04 [ref: 5942]
 Captin Crunch
 , North Carolina

It was alright
03/29/2006 @ 06:40 [ref: 4920]
 Dennis Henley
 Charlotte, North Carolina

This aircraft was removed from public display in order to be restored. It "has" been beautifully refurbished per original specifications, down to the last detail and is hangared under the very best care.This airframe is still recognized by inventory and requires a crew chief assignment. Physical changes to the base will eventually allow the aircraft to be statically displayed at a new main gate. It is in pristine condition despite all the years it was exposed to weather while it rested on static display. The NCANG has among it's ranks, some of the world's best craftsmen in all areas of aircraft maintenance. This is reflected in the restoration of this particular aircraft. The base displays this aircraft at it's annual Family and Friends Day.
06/29/2004 @ 01:43 [ref: 3234]
 John Pittman
 Charlotte, North Carolina

Unfortunately you can't get near this aircraft and the ANG Base is not open to the public. At one time the Aircraft was at the CHAC where anyone could enjoy it. I don't know way they took it back. It's only worth a look if you work on the base and can get close to it.
05/11/2000 @ 21:52 [ref: 126]

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