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Exhibits - By Primary role
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Boeing B-17F (Flying Fortress) Serial No: 42-3374 
 Boeing B-52G (Stratofortress) Serial No: 57-6468 
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Boeing EC-135A (Stratolifter) Serial No: 61-0287 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Robert Larsen
 Temple, Texas

I remember my stint withe the 549th. Arrived in the dead of winter. The Canadian Vulcan had run off the end of the runway. Tom Westfall was my flight instructor at the aero club. My AFSC was 33150B re-entry vehicles. We were stuck way off at one end of the base far away from everyone.
06/08/2015 @ 08:11 [ref: 55776]
 Best Coffee Makers 2011
 , New Jersey

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04/03/2012 @ 21:43 [ref: 34963]
 Jennifer Jones
 Kansas, Kansas

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11/27/2011 @ 18:10 [ref: 27873]
 2096 Scott Street, New York

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07/28/2011 @ 00:20 [ref: 20434]
 hutto, Texas

my name Cheyenne Offutt my dad's name is delbert offutt
10/20/2008 @ 13:19 [ref: 8475]
 Capt. Jimmy Powers
 Port Orange, Florida

I was stationed at OAFB from July 1961 until October of 1964. I was assigned to the 566th SMS in the beginning, which became the 549th SMS soon after my arrival. I have fond memories looking back, but remember how elated I was to get a 6 months early discharge. I am gratefull for the opportunities that came from being based at Offutt, namely the SAC Aero Club. I left Offutt as a Airman 2nd Class. I have retired twice from the airline industry as a Boeing 757/767 Captain. First was USAir in 1994, and my last career was at EVA Air in Taiwan after 7 years. Who would have thought? I assume many of those who I remenmber are gone now. Gen. Thomas Power, Gen. Eisenhart, Sgt. Bud Everhart, and Sgt. Thomas Westfall who was my flight Instuctor.
10/31/2007 @ 10:28 [ref: 6456]
 Mark Baker
 Grand Ledge, Michigan

Hey Bob, I'm pretty sure that I remember you. I was an LE trooper at Offutt from 1/81-1/85 (Col. Russell Suchy, CMSgt Vickory, etc.). Didn't you go OSI at some point? I think we played some pick-up basketball a time or two at the court adj. Dorm 402? I look back at my time at Offutt as some of the very best of my life. The recent situation with ACC (the old Tactical Air Command led by pussy's like Merrill McPeak) accidently loading 'Crowd-Pleasers on a Buff from Minot to Barksdale, as well as Vlad Putin demonstrating that the Old Soviet Union isn't as dead as some thought, proves that standing SAC down will prove to be a huge mistake. The only thing worse then an asshole politician is one who masqerades as a general officer. I noticed the thread by the ex S. Cal. Lieutanent-Surfer-Boy... I'm happy he got his sorry ass out and saved us from another future flag-rank pussy who never understood the real world in the first place. Putin, China, and all the rest wouldn't dare un-zip their pants if SAC and "Glass" and NEACAP and the 55th Strategic Recon Wing were still in the saddle. Oh well, it was a glorious ride while it lasted!
09/18/2007 @ 21:09 [ref: 6322]
 Mike Stormer
 Queensbury, New York

Stationed there from march of 84 to november of 87 when reenlistment time came they couldn't guarentee I was going to leave so back to NY I went!
09/05/2007 @ 18:28 [ref: 6284]
 Michael Adams
 , Virginia

I joined the Air Force in March, 1966. Upon completion of basic training at Lackland AFB, I was assigned to Offutt with approximately forty other Airmen to receive advanced training to become an Air Policemen. We were assigned to a barracks that was used for NCO training. Upon completion of the training, half of us were assiged to Law Enforcement Squads and the other half were assigned to Security squadrons. I enjoyed all my time at Offutt. However, I never got a chance to visit the museum. I was transfered to England in 1968.
05/22/2007 @ 14:32 [ref: 5932]
 kenneth onofrio
 milford, Connecticut

i was at offut from 1953to1957 was a crew member on a c97 are any around.
02/07/2007 @ 09:18 [ref: 5599]

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