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Exhibits - By Primary role
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Douglas TA-4J (Skyhawk) Serial No: 154291  
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4S (Phantom II) Serial No: 157293  
Trainer - 'T' 1962-Present
 North American (Rockwell) T-2C (Buckeye) Serial No: 158599 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, Virginia

http://www.texasairmuseum.org/ The Texas Air Museum is pretty slick. They moved. The above link will take you to a website. Good luck finding the location.
02/22/2015 @ 04:51 [ref: 55747]
 seattle wedding planner
 Florida, Florida

Excellent & Cool! I should definitely say I'm impressed with your blog. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs as well as related info. The site ended up being truly simple to access. Excellent job.. Carry-on. About us..! please visit.
11/28/2012 @ 18:00 [ref: 55365]
 , Texas

Poorly managed.....shady management as well. Selling parts off of US Navy owned aircraft that are on display for personal gain is corrupt and I would assume frowned upon by the Navy.
11/25/2010 @ 06:57 [ref: 11823]
 Lubbock, Texas

For the current happenings at the Texas Air Museum, Caprock Chapter (Slaton), check out http://www.thetexasairmuseum.org/ We're gearing up for the 2011 South Plains Air Show to be held on June 4, 2011.
11/14/2010 @ 16:37 [ref: 11791]
 , Texas

Just a reminder,that the Texas AIr Museum is putting on an Air Show again June 6+7 2008 ! Its going to be great fun !
12/22/2008 @ 21:44 [ref: 8583]
 Wichita, Kansas

The Museum in Slaton is not closing,only the one in Rio Hondo closed. James
01/28/2006 @ 20:18 [ref: 4748]
 Geoff Waldron

It's very sad that your museum is closing up shop. If any of the remeining enthusiasts can point me in the right direction... I'm looking for a complete dash panel for a DC3 / C 147. The new museum in Malaga, Spain have an aircraft but the dash was stripped out for spares before it was passed on. Nice guys down there by the way. Pop in if you're passing. Best wishes for 2006 Geoff
01/15/2006 @ 08:19 [ref: 4712]
 Sparticus Jones
 , Texas

Hello all, a friend just sent me the link to this board and thought I'd say hi. I'm pleased to see people out there like yourselves being so supportive of TAM. Anyway, as for TAM Rio Hondo, a good deal of the aircraft and artifacts have already been moved. The Aeronca Champ was sold, along with the last remaining AN2. The PBY and TA4J and simulator(which were on loan from the navy), went to a museum in Tyler, TX. The J3 cup and Supercub are now in San Antonio, the Skyraider is still here but going to Slaton sometime in the near future. Most of the display cases and artifacts have been more or less evenly dispersed between the two locations. The Iwo Jima and Cabot will be up for sale at some point, but will not be scrapped. Those are the last hulls that can ever be legally required without an act of congress, so they will be kept intact. The land is or will be for sale at some point. It is sad to see the Rio Hondo chapter close and I know there are some disgruntled people, but frankly the local community there never stepped up to contribute or to even show any interest in museum. The winter Texans were the core of the museum, but sadly, many sadly passed on or no longer have the physical capacity to volunteer as in the past. Let me also say this... the Slaton crew has done a tremendous job aquiring and displaying their aircraft and artifacts and they put on a hell of an airshow! When all is said and done, the TAM chapters will be world class museums and an even better asset to their communities.
06/20/2005 @ 02:02 [ref: 4156]
 , Arizona

Bruce, the P-38 is clipart of the Aviation Enthusiast Corner Site.The superstructures of the Iwo and Cabot I think are going to be broken up,since the land is supposed to be sold. Slaton received various artifacts from Rio Hondo and has the Sonia(Chopstick0 and the Taylorcraft L-2 and I think the Skyraider.
06/07/2005 @ 00:10 [ref: 4124]
 Bruce Furu
 Virginia,, Minnesota

Above, in your heading, you show a P-38 WW2 aircraft. Is there a P-38 in your exhibits? Since John Houston's original T.A.M. was closed in February 2005, what aircraft from Rio Hondo has been transferred to San Antonio, and Slaton? How about the USS Iwo Jima, and USS Cabot superstructures? Will these two be taken apart and moved to San Antonio, and Slaton? I was a Winter Texan in Rio Hondo, and volunteered in the gift shop, and on the grounds. Thank you.
05/18/2005 @ 18:02 [ref: 4074]


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