Beechcraft CT-134A 'Musketeer'

  Base model:CT-134
  Basic role:Trainer / Utility Transport (Canada)

  Length: 25' 7" 7.8 m
  Wingspan: 32' 9" 10.0 m


  Range: 685 miles 1,106 km
  Cruise Speed: 174 mph 282 km/h 152 kt

Examples of this type may be found at
R.C.A.F. Memorial MuseumAstraOntario


Recent comments by our visitors
 Brian McMillen
 South Bend, IN
Not sure why someone said that the airframe life is only 5,000 hours on a Musketeer. There are still schools all over the U.S. that have these in their inventories with over 10,000. There were also no problems with the wings since they have a very very large I-Beam for a spar. Anyway, they are very sturdy and economical but slow aircraft.
10/08/2007 @ 07:55 [ref: 18133]
 Barry Franklin
 , ON
I flew the CT-134 (Musketeer 1) at Portage. It usually cruised at 112-115 knots. The main criticism of this aircraft was its construction. There were problems with the bonded wing and its airframe life was only 5000 hours.

Presently I fly a Mooney M20C that also sports a Lycoming 0360 engine. It is better constructed, more efficient and much faster.
02/24/2006 @ 10:19 [ref: 12602]
 Snohomish, WA
I was an owner of a BE-23A Musketeer at one time. The cruise speed was typically around 115 - 120 mph. Indicated range figures appear to be about right. It would typically burn 8.5 gph (US)and held 60 gallons. Useful load was approximately 950 pounds, depending upon configuration.
07/23/2003 @ 15:42 [ref: 6589]
 Steve Hudson
 Titusville, FL
Are there any ct 134 aircraft for sale,will they be in the future.
08/07/2002 @ 22:12 [ref: 5444]
 David Palacios
 Logroņo, OTH
Dear Sirs, I am the owner of a PA23 and does not perform as you have in your file.
08/02/2001 @ 07:24 [ref: 2809]
 Alain Souperbiet
 Gstaad, CO
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the owner of a Beechcraft Musketeer 23. I see the performances
of the CT 154. My aircraft does not perform at all like the one
spoken about as a CT154. Please advise and let me know what the truth is.
With many thanks,

Alain Souperbiet
Gstaad International School
3780 Gstaad-Switzerland
04/09/2000 @ 06:25 [ref: 57]