Boeing B-47B 'Stratojet'

  Base model:B-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

  Length: 108' 0" 32.9 m
  Height:28' 0" 8.5 m
  Wingspan: 116' 0" 35.3 m
  Wingarea: 1,428.0 sq ft 132.6 sq m
  Empty Weight: 76,130 lb 34,526 kg
  Gross Weight: 180,000 lb 81,632 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: General Electric J47-GE-23
  Thrust (each): 5,800 lb 2,630 kg

  Range: 3,870 miles 6,231 km
  Max Speed: 616 mph 991 km/h 535 kt
  Ceiling: 45,000 ft 13,715 m

Known serial numbers
49-2642 / 49-2645, 49-2646, 50-001 / 50-012, 50-013 / 50-025, 50-026 / 50-050, 50-051 / 50-082 , 51-2045 / 51-2081 , 51-2082 / 51-2136 , 51-2137 / 51-2191 , 51-2192 / 51-2246 , 51-2247 / 51-2301 , 51-2302 / 51-2356 , 51-17368 / 51-17386

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Force Flight Test Center MuseumEdwards AFBCalifornia
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia
Whiteman AFBWhiteman AFBMissouri

B-47B on display

Air Force Flight Test Center Museum

March Field Museum


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 cairo, AR
Thank u so much
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07/31/2012 @ 20:15 [ref: 64582]
 , MN
I was stationed at March AFB in 1962 and, sadly, recall seeing the cloud from the crash of that B-47, which, according to records was a B-47E. At the time, I was struck by the fact that a loved one might be seeing that very same, dark cloud of smoke. It was very moving.
12/28/2011 @ 12:32 [ref: 51654]
 ryan mcCoomb
 Grand Rapids, MI
to Ed McCoomb alo my full name id Ryan Leo McCoomb kind of strange!
10/06/2011 @ 18:22 [ref: 49420]
 ryan mcCoomb
 Grand Rapids, MI
to Ed McCoomb my grandpa died in a plane crash around that time while in the air force! never heard alot about it my dad Mike McCoomb said he was about 3 years old when it happened but i havent been in contact with him in a few years i wonder if it is related?
10/06/2011 @ 18:17 [ref: 49419]
 Cameron, Texas, TX
While growing up in Abilene, Kansas in the late 1960s we used to go to the old Shilling AFB in Salina, Kansas. They had a B47 on display there at the air field. does anyone know what happened to that plane?
09/29/2011 @ 09:21 [ref: 49318]
 Ed McCoomb
 North Port, FL
My older brother Leo was a navigator on a
B-47 that crashed around Matagorda, Texas on April 11, 1962.
The co-pilot was the only survivor. I have tried on a number of occasions to find out more about the crash using the internet, but have not been able to obtain any information. He was stationed at Little Rock AFB at the time. I feel bad about the fact that he lost his life while serving his country, but no information about him or the crash of his plane can be found. It's like he never existed.
04/25/2011 @ 09:12 [ref: 37559]
 Chris Braden
 Washington, UT
We lived in a home near the corner of Alessandro
Avenue and Old US-395 (now I-15) in what was then Edgemont (now incorporated into Moreno Valley) near the old "Alamo Market" supermarket (now torn down) when a B-47 crashed at
March Air Force Base (now March Air Reserve Base), near the end of the runway. If I had been home at the time, we would have been no more than 200-300 yards from the crash site. However, I was at school that day as I was 13 years old and attending Alessandro Jr. High School in nearby Sunnymead (now also incorporated as part of Moreno Valley). I did hear the crash and see the huge plume of black smoke from the wreck from a distance of some 4-5 miles to the northeast of where the B-47 went down. My father, MSgt Arnold Braden, knew Major Garrett who was killed in the accident. It was a traumatic event for me.
11/29/2010 @ 20:36 [ref: 33691]
 Bill Henderson
 , SC
other known tail numbers which I was crew chief of,,53-322,53-1944,53-1970,51-0362. thnks,,these were all at Hunter AFB,,2nd AF,,SAC
06/10/2010 @ 08:58 [ref: 26577]
 Bob Rockwell
 Abilene, KS
For Murray Johnson:

Yes its true that if the gun system is left on the radar will pick you up and the guns will follow. This type system eliminated the need for an actual tailgunner. Bob R.
02/16/2010 @ 08:14 [ref: 25731]


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