Cessna U-3B

Notes: Upgraded U-3A.
  Base model:U-3
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility
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Known serial numbers
606047, 606068

Examples of this type may be found at
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia

U-3B on display

Museum of Aviation


Recent comments by our visitors
 JR Dodson
 Gardner, KS
I own U3B 60-6064 it was in Vietnam in early 60's any pictures or info appreciated jr@dodson.com
01/27/2013 @ 16:14 [ref: 67526]
 Joe Scott
 , TX
I maintained the navigation equipment on the U3B's
while stationed at Offutt AFB 1967-1970.
12/12/2012 @ 05:27 [ref: 67411]
 Ron Smith
 Farnborough, UK, OTH
I am a UK author (British Built Aircraft (5 vols); Cessna 172: A Pocket History; Piper Cherokee: A Family History). I am putting together a book on Cessna twins and am looking for a U-3B photograph that I can include. Any used will be credited - photos need to belong to the person giving permission (i.e. not Cessna or USAF or other copyright). Any help gratefully received.
08/17/2012 @ 03:41 [ref: 66014]
 Bill Mansfield
 , TX
I have a large picture with the U-3B in formation with 2 t-37's on bothe sides,

tail number 06064
01/20/2012 @ 10:08 [ref: 52179]
 JR Dodson
 Gardner, KS
I own 60-6064 it was in Vietnam 1962-64
I would love to have photos or stories of anyone who flew her.
11/03/2011 @ 20:09 [ref: 49966]
 Pat Hines
 , SC
There were 36 U3B's purchased by the US militaries, only 11 are registered today.

It would be interesting to know where the rest are, they couldn't have all been destroyed in crashes, and should not have been scrapped either since they could all have been sold on the civilian market place easily, and should have been sold.


10/10/2011 @ 11:00 [ref: 49501]
 Ralph H. Bell
 Marietta, GA
I was a Chase Qualified U-3B pilot beginning in Jan 1973 at Davis-Monthan AFB AZ until 1976 when the U-2 squadron was transfered to Beale AFB CA. The U-3B was the only airplane in SAC that could NOT fly with one engine out. There were 2 ea U-3Bs at Davis-Monthan and they were painted gloss GRAY and WHITE with the SAC logo. The major difference between earlier U-3As was the sloped vertical fin. We did not fly the earlier model BLUE and WHITE U-3As. We flew close wing-tip formation with the single-seat U-2s from 10,000 ft MSL descending until over the runway threshold. Since the U-2 threshold speed was 60KIAS plus fuel and the U-3B Safe Single Engine (SSE) airppeed was 95MPH, we flew into and out of a dangerous zone just as the U-2 was beginning to flare and the awaiting Chevrolet El Camino transitioned the chase to the runway. I would turn 45 deg and descend to gain speed and then rejoin the U-2 as he accelerated and climbed rapidly back to pattern altitude of 1,500 ft AGL and repeat. Since the chase U-3 airspeed and altitude was identical to the U-2 student, my accompanying U-2 IP was able to shout instructions to his student using a UHF radio. This was the method by which all U-2 pilots were trained until the 2 seat U-2CT was built by Lockheed with a second cockpit salvaged from a mishap U-2. At Davis-Monthan we used the U-3B for other missions, notably flying our 814th Air Division Commander to and from 15AF at March AFB CA.
11/18/2010 @ 10:51 [ref: 33317]
 Robert Schrader
 Wentzville, MO
I flew the U-3 while stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam in 1967-1968. We flew up and down the coast to various military bases carrying people and small cargo. It was an easy and fun airplane to fly.
01/23/2009 @ 12:28 [ref: 23541]
 Pete Semanick
 Albuquerque, NM
I remember the U-3B while I was stationed at Whiteman AFB in 1964-66. I was lucky enough to hop a ride to Offutt AFB and return to Whiteman. The purpose of my visit to Offutt was to deliver a fresh (frozen) 5 pound largemouth bass to a Captain C.P. Comte. He was my administrative officer at RAF High Wycombe AB, 7th Air Division. Prior to my leaving High Wycombe for Whiteman I promised him a fish freshly caught and held true to my promise. When I arrived at Offutt he met me at the flight line fire station and I surprised him with the fish. Good memories.
08/31/2007 @ 17:57 [ref: 17805]
 Tom Dickerson
 , TX
My first duty assingment out of tech school in 67/68 was the U3-B at Offutt. As I reacll we had about 12 of them for the SAC HQ pilots to keep current.
04/10/2006 @ 07:17 [ref: 13105]