Consolidated PBY-6A 'Catalina'

  Base model:PBY
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1962
  Basic role:Patrol Bomber
  Modified Mission:Amphibious
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Known serial numbers
46639 / 46698, 46724, 63993 / 64099, 64100, 64101 / 64107, 64108 / 64441, 111149 / 111348 , 119779 / 119978 , 120475 / 121414

Examples of this type may be found at
Confederate Air Force (Southern Minnesota Wing)South St. PaulMinnesota
National Warplane MuseumGeneseoNew York

PBY-6A on display

National Warplane Museum


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 Phil Nielsen
 Emmett, ID
Just saw a post by Walt Smith, flew on Tanker 49. Hi Walt, long time no see. I flew numerous times on 49 my last year with SIS-Q.
08/01/2013 @ 09:55 [ref: 67994]
 , WA
PBY-6A S/N 64041, N85U, tanker 85, built in '45 was spotted at the Arlington Fly-in '10.
07/17/2010 @ 08:33 [ref: 27149]
 Walt Smith
 Eagle, ID
I flew two fire seasons as a pilot on PBY-6A Air Tanker #49 in California during the early 1970's. We modified our Catalina with R-2600 from a B-25 and called it "Super Cat"

It carried 1400 gallons of fire retardent and we bombed wild land fires in all of the Western United States and parts of Sourthern Canada.

Tanker #49 was a superb aircraft with two speeds 90 knots and 120 knots....Easy to fly and very stable for it's mission...

Unfortunately, another crew had a mishap in the 1980's on the Columbia River in Washington State; the aircraft was destroyed and the crew perished.
12/21/2007 @ 19:56 [ref: 19004]
 Jim Dix
 big flats, NY
Aircraft has been sold. Flew out yesterday 11/3/06.
11/04/2006 @ 05:17 [ref: 14659]
 Michałowice, DC
Catalina PBY-6A is avaliable at www.hvp-modell.cz
05/05/2006 @ 10:46 [ref: 13212]
 John D. Voss
 , CA
The PBY-6A's were ALL manufactured at Consolidated's factory located in New Orleans, LA. Consolidated was given a contract to manufacture 900 A/C of this model but the conclusion of WWII terminated the production with a total run of 235 A/C(112 to the USN, 75 to the USAAF as OA-10B and 48 to the Russian Navy). PBY-6A's are characterized by the taller tail which was a development of the PBN-1 Nomad.
03/25/2006 @ 10:36 [ref: 12913]
 Charles F. Berry
 , NY
Up date on The National Warplane Meseum:

The National Warplane Meseum is now located at the Elmira-Corning Airport in Chemung County, New York.
Apr 1st 2002 is the grand re-opening of this fine facility.
Listed among their flyable aircraft is one of the few
remaining PBY-6A Catalinas.
04/01/2002 @ 11:27 [ref: 4636]
 Don Wendel
 White Bear Lake, MN
I'm looking for a model (plastic, injection molded) of the
PBY Catalina. I found one that is 25"in wingspan. It's too
big. I'm looking for one about half that size.

Can you help me out?
05/01/2000 @ 11:40 [ref: 144]


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