Confederate Air Force (Southern Minnesota Wing)

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Address(1)Fleming Field, Hangar #3
Address(2)310 Airport Road
CitySouth St. Paul

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    Wednesdays and Saturdays.
    Other days by request
Exhibits - By Primary role
Basic Trainer - 'BT' 1930-1947
 Vultee BT-13A (Valiant) Serial No: Unknown  
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 North American B-25J (Mitchell) Serial No: N27493 
Liaison - 'L' 1942-1962
 Stinson L-5A (Sentinel) Serial No: Unknown  
Patrol Bomber - 'PB' 1935-1962
 Consolidated PBY-6A (Catalina) Serial No: N7179Y  
Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 North American P-51C (Mustang) Serial No: N215CA  
Trainer / Utility Transport (USA)
 North American HarvardMk IV (Harvard) Serial No: Unknown  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 William B Alderman
 Hendersonville, Tennessee

I have several pieces of radio equipment associaqted with WWll aircraft communications and would be interested if finding a home for it. I.E. ART 13 used in many aircraft. Use email for further information.
06/18/2011 @ 09:04 [ref: 17861]
 Mike B.
 , Washington

I grew up in Minneapolis, and leaned to fly at Flemming Field, St. Paul. This airfield has a rich history, to include the place where President Bush Sr. learned to fly N2S Stearman Bi-planes. The museum housed in the old WW II Hangars is simply wonderful. The countless hours by volunteers to make this a top notch flying museum is evident everywhere you look. I love this museum. I always looked forward to coming home to visit my Mom and this museum. Again, the volunteers that keep this place running were truly a treasure. They are my HEROs. God Bless,and thanks for the wonderful memories. Regards, Mike
07/23/2004 @ 09:31 [ref: 3301]
 Jerry Halloran
 Beautiful Ft. Myers, Florida, Florida

Congratulations on a great collection of War Birds and on a professional website. Two things stand out in site. I am legally blind and use tab to get from one blank to another. Many sites do not allow this causing the use of a cursor. Second thing is on country line. You have USA in first position. Many webmasters think the only way to do it is alphabetical. The U.S. ends close to the bottom. So, TWO Gold Stars. My brother Hap Halloran, ex-B-29 navigator and ex-POW is very active in the CAF. In Octtober, 2001, he was selected for the American Combat Airmen Hall of Fame. Quite an honor and well deserved. I visited the CAF years ago when they were in Harlingen, but haven't made it to Midland yet. Next time I am in your part of the country, I will make a point to visit you Five Star World Class Exhibit. I am probably one of the oldest living members of Northwest Top Flight Club, dating back to 1956, and still have the metal I.D. with engraved name. Also a lifetime member. Maybe they will invite me up to St. Paul and that will be a good time to visit your class act. Keep up the good work. I missed the Air Corps having been in Naval Communications in the Pacific during WW II. Called back for Korea and was first journalist/correspondent in the Middle East serving on the staff of the CMEF in 1951. Was there fifty years ago at this very time. 02 December 01. Congrats again. Jerry Halloran
12/02/2001 @ 16:34 [ref: 1669]
 George Crosson
 Acworth, Georgia

Hello: Quite sometime ago I came across this {what appears to be a WWII turn and bank indicator.Some information from the box. Allen Calculators Grand Rapids,Mich Aircraft Type C-1 Specification#27337a Mfrs assembly part#21500 Serial#AAF 42 551 Contract# W535-AC-28784 Date of manufacture Jan. 28,1943 If in storage after Jan.28,1945 indicator will have to be tested. When I first got this indicator the box was sealed,but I just had to open it. Now my question{if you can answer it]Just what do I have here. Oh yes,my flying career started at Fleming Field where I obtained my Private Pilots license. Thank You George Crosson
10/26/2001 @ 19:12 [ref: 1550]
 Covina, California

The B-25 that I flew in had Wright 2600's...maybe they put the 28oo in the Navy version? just kidding, always good to get a "one up" on a real pilot!
11/25/2000 @ 22:30 [ref: 625]
 Tom Assenmacher
 Kinsale, Virginia

I'm a retired Naval Aviator who spent most of my 22 years flying the P-3 Orion, however, I have a considerable number of hours flying radial recip aircraft including the EC-121P, the S-2 and T-28. I work at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, MD, where your (I believe) B-25 Mitchell has been flying for the past week or so. Sort of brings about heart palpitations hearing those R-2800s at max power on takeoff. Sounds like a "real airplane" taking off as opposed to all the jet, turboprop and V-22 traffic that we normally hear. Eating my heart out to fly a recip again. Keep up the great work of keeping the old birds flying. Tom Assenmacher Kinsale, VA
08/03/2000 @ 19:33 [ref: 350]


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