Fairchild C-123K 'Provider'

Notes: Tactical transport with auxiliary jet engines.
  Base model:C-123
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

  Length: 76' 3" 23.2 m
  Height:34' 6" 10.5 m
  Wingspan: 110' 33.5 m
  Wingarea: 1,223.0 sq ft 113.6 sq m
  Empty Weight: 29,900 lb 13,560 kg
  Gross Weight: 60,000 lb 27,210 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800 & 2 2850Lb J85-GE
  Horsepower (each): 2500

  Range: 1,825 miles 2,938 km
  Cruise Speed: 170 mph 273 km/h 147 kt
  Max Speed: 240 mph 386 km/h 208 kt
  Ceiling: 28,000 ft 8,534 m

Examples of this type may be found at
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Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
Dyess Linear Air ParkDyess AFBTexas
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia
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C-123K on display

Air Heritage Museum & Aircraft Restoration

Air Mobility Command Museum

Castle Air Museum

Dyess Linear Air Park

March Field Museum

Pope AFB

United States Air Force Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 E F \"Frank\" Gerstenkorn
 Cheyenne, WY
I was a C-123K Flight Engineer with the 310th at PRG from Sept 1969 to Oct 1970. The Bookie Bird pulled my fat out of the fire more than once. I'm still in touch with my hooch mate, Paul Jennings and with Jay Hash who was one of our pilots. I'd like to hook up with a loadmaster named Hamilton if anyone knows about him. There is a C-123 reunion on November 11 at Branson, MO this year.
08/10/2014 @ 09:35 [ref: 68596]
 James (Pat) Leggett
 Monticello, AR
I flew with the 309th SOS from June 1969 to May 15 1970, when I ferried an aircraft back to Hulbert Field. My co-pilot was Roger Purcell, navigator and flight engineer I do not recall. Only remember he was stationed at Sacremento before going to Vietnam and his family lived there while he was in Vietnam. He was one of my favorite flight engineers and I would like to locate him. We flew into Katum, Camau,Ghia Nhia, made an air drop at Dak Seing, while accumulating about 1200 hours in ten and a half months. I remember Col. Hogue, Maj. Savage, Lt. Purcell, Lt. Chandler, Lt. McMurray, Lt. Maddrey among others.

05/31/2014 @ 09:11 [ref: 68494]
 Randy Dubay
 Chesterfield, MI
I was assigned to the 309th Phan Rang for about 3-4 weeks, with ranch hands Dec 1967. Than off to Tan Son Nhut to the 19th Air Commando Sq. Mostly crew chiefing WE bird 621, than Flt Mech on flying status around Jul - Nov 1968. Good times but many bad. Tet of 68 was pure hell, and we got shot up a lot, like everytime we went out, unless we went over China Sea to Con Son prison camp, a Navy run island, to deliver VCR or bring back the supposedly converts.

03/06/2012 @ 14:36 [ref: 53878]
 Wayne Doering
 Clarendon, TX
I was stationed at Phan Rang Air Base, Viet Nam and assigned to the 309th S.O.S. and completed 1,266 Combat Sorties on the C-123K with most of the missions in support of C.I.A. operations.
It was a fantastic aircraft.
07/27/2011 @ 14:00 [ref: 43449]
 Jim Chambers
 Commerce, TX
I was a crew chief in the 309th at Phan Rang. If I remember right all the gear started up at the same time but the nose gear was faster and got up first. The main gear came up together. Hope this helps.
03/15/2011 @ 13:30 [ref: 36857]
 Jim Randel
 Lutz, FL
I was a C123 B/K Pilot with the 311th Air Commando Squadron/Special Operations Squadron at Phan Rang/Danang RVN 1968-1969. I am currently building a 12th scale Radio Control C123K and I do not remember the gear/gear door sequence during extension/retraction. Anyone either have clear memory or video of jack stand testing of both Main & Nose Gear operation??

I also flew the C123K and C123J models in Alaska.

Thanks, Jim
03/08/2011 @ 04:26 [ref: 36555]
 Stephen A. Smith
 San Antonio, TX
I was a loadmaster (X-gunner) on the 123K at NKP Thailand from 69-70. I left NKP April 70. Was looking for other x-gunners that were sent up to NKP as loadmasters. Some of the names were Marello, Wolfe, and Vincent. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of the X-gunners sent to NKP, please e-mail the information to me.

11/17/2010 @ 05:27 [ref: 33313]
 Bob Medeiros
 Forestdale, MA
Hey Bookie Bird load masters: I've located two of the best (thanks to CMSgt Mark Raymond)Frank Newhart & Randy Skocz & they are alive & well & are located in PA & FL respectively. After 32 yers of trying to located these two, my mission is finally accomplished & thanks to a friend, a big high five is warranted.
05/06/2010 @ 06:14 [ref: 26137]
 Bob Medeiros
 Forestdale, MA

To the former 310th TAS members, I've located MSgt, USAF Retired Ed Theodore & Terry Justice. Ed is in Elk City, OK & Terry is living in Weatherford, TX. They were Flight Engineers on the Bookie Birds. Chief Raymond, I've searched for years, high & low, for loadmasters, Randy Scoog, Larry Jones & Frank Newhart & so far no luck. Do you have any news of their whereabouts?
04/23/2010 @ 14:26 [ref: 26072]
 Mike Fletcher
 Rapid River, MI
I was reading over some posts. I was a member of candlesticks in 70 to 71. I painted the squadron logo on the water tower if any one remembers and I would also like to know who took gomer home. I WOULD LIKE TO TALK to some former members. My email is : leemichaelsadv@gmail.com. I was, SSgt. Mike Fletcher .
11/01/2009 @ 06:37 [ref: 25243]


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