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Address(1)1301 Heritage Road
CityDover AFB

Exhibits - By Primary role
Advanced Trainer - 'AT' 1924-1948
 North American AT-6C (Texan) Serial No: 41-33070 
Basic Trainer - USAAF 'BT' 1930-1947
 Vultee BT-13B (Valiant) Serial No: 42-01639 
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Boeing B-17G (Flying Fortress) Serial No: 44-83624 
Fighter (UK)
 Sopwith Pup Serial No: 4781  
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Convair F-106A (Delta Dart) Serial No: 59-023 
 McDonnell F-101B (Voodoo) Serial No: 59-0428 
Helicopter - 'H' 1948-Present
 Bell OH-58A (Kiowa) Serial No: 72-21385 
Helicopter - 'H' 1962-Present
 Bell AH-1S (Huey Cobra) Serial No: 77-22748 
 Bell UH-1H (Iroquois) Serial No: 72-21512 
Observation - U.S. Air Force 'O' 1962-Present
 Cessna O-2A (Skymaster) Serial No: 67-21395 
Primary Trainer - 'PT' 1925-1947
 Stearman PT-17 (Kaydet) Serial No: Unknown 
 Stearman PT-17A (Kaydet) Serial No: Unknown  
Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 North American P-51D (Mustang) Serial No: Unknown 
 North American P-51D (Mustang) Serial No: 44-15569 
Trainer, Ground (USA)
 Link Trainer Serial No: Unknown  
Trainer - U.S. Air Force 'T' 1948-Present
 Lockheed T-33A (Shooting Star) Serial No: 52-9497 
Transport - U.S. Air Force 'C' 1925-1962
 Beech C-45G (Expeditor) Serial No: 51-11795 
 Convair C-131D (Samaritan) Serial No: 55-0295  
 Douglas C-47A (Skytrain) Serial No: 42-92841 
 Douglas C-54E (Skymaster) Serial No: 44-9030 
 Fairchild C-119G (Flying Boxcar) Serial No: 10-870 
 Fairchild C-123K (Provider) Serial No: Unknown 
 Lockheed C-141A (Starlifter) Serial No: 61-2775 
 Lockheed C-141B (Starlifter) Serial No: 64-0626 
Transport - 'C' 1962-Present
 De Havilland Canada C-7B (Caribou) Serial No: 63-9760 
 Lockheed C-5A (Galaxy) Serial No: 68-0217 
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - 'Q' 1962-Present
 Lockheed D-21 Serial No: Unknown 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Mike Leister
 Dover, Delaware

In answer to the question why the C-133 and other planes at the museum are not listed on this site. We (the AMC Museum) have sent updated listings but they don't always get posted. Aside from the C-133 we have also added the only surviving C-124 "A" model and the first C-9 used by MAC as a Medevac aircraft. We have added a C-130 and sent to other museums the P-51, T-6 and Sopwith Pup.
11/05/2008 @ 03:18 [ref: 8504]
 Paul R. Kopczynski
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a fine, well run museum. It speaks volumes for the people-volunteers, who are part of this organization. I visit it every time I am in the area. They do a
07/07/2008 @ 12:28 [ref: 8192]
 Gerald Lawson
 Ada, Oklahoma

Regarding George's comment: The KC-97 was not based on the B-29 but the Boeing 337 Stratocruiser.
04/06/2008 @ 11:37 [ref: 7280]
 Dave Phillips
 Hanover, Maryland

Was at Dover AFB 61-63 in Public Information and made a nostalgic visit recently on get-away weekend with my wife to some old stomping grounds. Was MATS at the time I was there and the museum allowed me to relive a slice of my past, e.g., riding "Old Shaky" all over the world on assignments. Am currently an instructor at the Defense Information School at Ft. Meade, MD and am putting up a museum on AFN/AFRTS/AFVN/AFTN, etc. etc. (military broadcasting. Picked up some great display/exhibit pointes. Great volunteers also.
03/20/2008 @ 07:44 [ref: 7226]
 Milford Bartlett
 cleveland, Tennessee

I have been reviewing the list of exhibits and being an old c-133 weenie I noticed you have not listed it.Having just moved from Dover to Cleveland Tn. I will sure miss the great museum displays.Keep up the good work.
11/06/2007 @ 08:31 [ref: 6473]
 Francisco Silvia
 Westport, Massachusetts

I have made three visits to my home base Museum. I recommend it and find it's well worth repeat visits. I worked C133s after I got my first look at a 133 at Dover. I maintained Aircraft Instrumentation Navigation and Autopilot systems. One crew had Fuel Qty. system problems I could not fix on Base. After I tested and calibrated the gages. The Left Seater ask, "Would you fly to France in this aircraft?" I made the mistake of saying Yes. They hijacked me to Newfoundland and then to Chateauroux France looking for Amplifiers. My last flight into Dover was a memorable one. Landed at Dover at 6 am on August 21st 1960 from Kano Nigeria (Belgian Congo Crisis) It was my Mustering out day. I look back and wished I could have made a Career with the AF. I enjoyed every minute of it. But to progress career wise in the AF was terrible back in those years. I eventually retired as a Test Director on Trident Submarines for the Naval Sea System Command. THANK YOU AIR FORCE For Launching my Career to it's ultimate height
09/17/2007 @ 16:03 [ref: 6319]
 Sonny Zed Postles
 Dover, Delaware

Stationed at Dover Air Force Base from 1956 to 1960 was A&E mechanic on the C-124 for 4 years, went all over the world the last stop was in the Congo,The 124 was a great aircraft. We visit the Museum from time to time.
05/04/2007 @ 13:39 [ref: 5902]
 Robert W. Ginn
 , Arizona

Was in Dover a couple of years ago and attended a C-133 re-union. This great machine is missing from your web site. How come? It sits proudly, restored, ready to go..on the museum ramp.
01/08/2007 @ 11:29 [ref: 5517]
 Michael Francis
 Gurnee, Illinois

I stationed at Selfridge AFB from 62-66. Spent my time crewing the kc97g's. When I steped on the flight line at Dover and went in the kc97 I felt like I was back at home. I want to thank the guys that are giving there time to help keep these birds in the great shape there in. The old saying, you can take the man out of the airplane, but you can't take the airplane out of the man, really does apply. Thanks again, Great job.
11/08/2006 @ 02:32 [ref: 5409]
 Bob & Kathy Thompson
 Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We can't describe how much we enjoyed our visit. The volunteer staff was very knowledgeable. Our two hour visit was far too short to take it all in. We'll be back and allow more time in our schedule. Many thanks to the volunteers and staff.
10/02/2006 @ 15:41 [ref: 5304]


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