Fairchild PT-26A 'Cornell'

  Base model:PT-26
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Primary Trainer

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Known serial numbers
42-65585 / 42-66001, 42-70957 / 42-71346

Examples of this type may be found at
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia

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Recent comments by our visitors
 Richard Eyster
 , CA
Where was this PT-26 found in a backyard? Was it in the San Fernando Valley, CA? I crashed in one on Aug. 25, 1967 in Newhall. The plane was totaled and the person that took it on a trailer lived on San Jose Street in (I think) Northridg, CA. Your story could have been a different aircraft if it wasn't in Southern CA.
The NTSB accident ID # was LAX68F0126. The N number of the Airplane was N68703.It was only my second hour of learning to fly. Kind of a hard lesson.
04/14/2005 @ 20:11 [ref: 9954]
 Lawrence Blyly
 Hartford, MI
In case anyone is interested: A friend found the remains of a plane in the back yard of a property he bought. He torched off the rudder pedals because they were Aluminum, and scrapped the rest. He brought them and the I.D. plate to show me. I guessed right; it "was" a PT-26A with Serial Number FV308R. In the lower right corner is a small stamp with letters "R C A F" So if anyone wants to know what happened to FV308R, there is the answer! The "plate" is in good condition in case someone wants to build a plane around it?
09/23/2004 @ 22:25 [ref: 8325]