Hawker HurricaneMKIIb

  Base model:Hurricane
  Basic role:Fighter (UK)

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Examples of this type may be found at
Canadian Warplane Heritage MuseumMount HopeOntario
Cavanaugh Flight MuseumAddisonTexas

HurricaneMKIIb on display

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Cavanaugh Flight Museum


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 Charles Rodenas
 , ON
The hurricane was the back bone of the air command during the war, it served well in many parts of the world and quite often out numbered by the enemy it battled. At the the time of the battle of Britain it was the Hurricane that was up along side the more famous Spitfire with out doubt also a magnificent machine by all counts.This darling of many pilots would take more punishment than it deserved, yet being an older bird than than the Spit, it made its foes understand all to well that she would not be one to walk away, from any aerial dance. Add four Brownings 303s to her and she is like a Hawk waiting to be disturbed, you end up getting clawed badly, as so many of her enemies found out. A Merlin twelve gave her the stamina to keep up to the music at play, along with a speed of about 330mph and cieling of 20.000ft, though older than the spit she was no push over, in the right hands as history records she left her mark with grace and dignity.A good design, good pilot, equals good results.
02/15/2007 @ 05:45 [ref: 15525]
 Paul Staight
 Stratford, ON
The Hawker Hurricane at Canadian Warplane Heritage is not a real one it's a fiberglass replica. The actual aircraft was lost in a hanger fire in Feb. 1993. They couldn't justify spending the astronomical amount of money required to replace it. It is in the markings of the one that burned. Some of the landing gear are from the real one though.
07/03/2003 @ 21:12 [ref: 6550]


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