Lockheed C-141A 'Starlifter'

Notes: High wing, full cantilever, semimonocoque fuselage, LONG-RANGE transport for cargo or personnel (6 CREW, 154 TROOPS OR 123 PARATROOPS, OR 80 LITTERS PLUS 8 ATTENDANTS) .
  Base model:C-141
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

  Length: 145' 44.1 m
  Height:39' 3" 11.9 m
  Wingspan: 159' 11" 48.7 m
  Empty Weight: 133,733 lb 60,649 kg
  Gross Weight: 316,600 lb143,582 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-7
  Thrust (each):21,000 lb 9,523 kg

  Range: 4,080 miles 6,570 km
  Max Speed: 571 mph 919 km/h 496 kt
  Climb: 3,100 ft/min 944 m/min
  Ceiling: 41,600 ft 12,679 m

Known serial numbers
61-2775 / 61-2777, 61-2778 / 61-2779, 63-8075 / 63-8090, 64-0609 / 64-0633, 64-0634 / 64-0653, 65-0216 / 65-0281 , 65-9397 / 65-9414 , 66-0126 / 66-0209 , 66-0210 , 66-7944 / 66-7959 , 67-0001 / 67-0031 , 67-0164 / 67-0166

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Mobility Command MuseumDover AFBDelaware
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia

C-141A on display

Air Mobility Command Museum

March Field Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Ernie Brown
 , CA
I forgot to mention one of the tail numbers I flew often was 63-8088. I think this is the display aircraft at Travis now. It was called "The Golden Bear" and was one of the first 141's at Travis.
03/04/2015 @ 15:00 [ref: 68971]
 Ernie Brown
 , CA
I came to Travis as a brand new captain in December, 1965 to the 44th MAS. I ended up with over 4,000 hours in the A model 141. I don't think there was a 141 that I did not get time on over the four plus years I flew them at Travis. I left the bird in June, 1970 to go to the 75th and the C-5.

I remember the first flight in the C-5 when I saw the 2,000 foot remaining marker on 21R. I had never seen this marker in the 141, even at max gross weight. I sure missed that power.
03/04/2015 @ 14:56 [ref: 68970]
 Don Brown
 , OH
Was hoping for a C-124 in 1966 pilot training. They took them out of Warner-Robins and the 7th Log as I entered advanced (the T-33 I was supposed to have was scrapped so I got a brand new T-38). "Forced" to go to Tinker since my assignment was changed to this new "swept wing subsonic bug sucker". Will always be grateful that this magnificent beast kept a newbie alive for well over two thousand hours. She took me to Tehran, VietNam, Thailand, Pakistan, Ethiopia and the Antarctic to name a few. 46 years of flying great airplanes to every continent can't dim the great memories of this first "big" airplane.
01/04/2015 @ 12:36 [ref: 68862]
 Fred Stoll
 Petaluma, CA
Stationed at Travis Dec 68 to Nov 72. Crew chief 05-0246.worked with Ernie Fold, Bill Meeks, Vaugh Ditty, Fred Adams (RIP) and many more...
07/29/2014 @ 13:01 [ref: 68579]
 Raymond Bellavance
 Lebanon, NH
I worked on this old girl for 14 years. Three of those at Travis AFB, Ca. 1967 to 1970. The remaining years were at Torrejon AB, Spain. She was one GREAT old lady. Working at a enroute location like Torrejon was great. For those who don't know there are two on display that I know of. Travis AFB and Dover AFB. It was good seeing her again after all these years.
03/01/2014 @ 07:58 [ref: 68381]
 William Metz
 Warner Ribins, GA
I got on 141's the long way around. Hit Dover Jan. '68 from Nam. in the 607th OMS, CC on Shakeys. Well, they got rid of them, I went to Flt.Eng. school, graduated, went to 133's. About 1-2 yrs. later,,,,, got rid of those,, then got on 141's. I was in the 20th until I left Dover. One run I remember was ,, 707N,,,, Europe. Don't know why I remember that one,,, just do. Flew with the 20th 'til I left KDOV. Always liked Dover ,,, still do. That's when they had real 24/7 Stag bars in the AF. LOL !! Every acft I've flown on is a relic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I must be getting old,, (sniff,, sniff).
06/24/2013 @ 07:09 [ref: 67906]
 Ed Parks
 , VA
Started at the 602 OMS in 1968. Squadron Commander 1975-1976
03/26/2013 @ 05:26 [ref: 67686]
 charley bratcher
 tallahassee fla., FL
crewchief on c-141 ,charleston,s.c from 1967 to 1971 ;437th oms
03/11/2012 @ 12:56 [ref: 54221]
 Jeff Joyal
 Webster, NH
I was a crew chief with the 602nd OMS at Travis from 1975-1977. I was acting Crew Chief on 403 in the absence of SSGT Gary Kliss. Pretty good for an A1C. Wish I would have stayed in for 20.Grave shift was the best. Hi to all who may read this.
06/09/2011 @ 17:34 [ref: 39342]
 richard riddell
 culpeper, VA
charlesto sc 4 year c141a oms pope afb and turkey tdy
06/06/2011 @ 10:02 [ref: 39195]


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