Martin WB-57F 'Night Intruder'

Notes: LONG-WING version of B-57B/C models modified for high altitude weather reconnaissance.
  Base model:B-57
  Nickname:Night Intruder
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Weather reconnaissance

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Examples of this type may be found at
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona

WB-57F on display

Museum of Aviation


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 , AK
Worked in MET/ARE. Enjoyed the TDY. 58WRS was great duty!
02/22/2016 @ 11:03 [ref: 69495]
 Bob P.
 , TX
There are 3 still flying out of Ellington Field near the Johnson Space Center south of Houston, TX.
04/16/2014 @ 13:35 [ref: 68456]
 Ron M
 Akron, OH
Hello Gen Moler.Wow what a surpirseto see your name.Was a jet mech-64-5-65 wen to the Philliphines.Glad to see your name would like to here more
02/28/2013 @ 04:13 [ref: 67622]
 Anthony G. Sanchez
 Central Colorado, CO
I've posted a couple of times over the last couple of years, sharing some of my experiences with living in Albuquerque during the late '60's- early 70's. My dad worked at Sandia Labs and was involved with designing some of the sensors carried by the WB-57F while it was at Kirtland.

I've seen some of the amazing models posted here of the F and have contacted the suppliers of these models and wOW, they can run into the low thousands to have a larger one built.

I've built model airplanes from plastic for nearly 50 years and just recently started building from card and paper stock.

No card model of the WB-57F existed, so I contacted a designer and had him design a 1:48 paper kit. It has a 30 inch wingspan and it can be bought in kit form from ecardmodels.com .

I've posted 3 pictures of my finished model and am in the process of building another. Direct any questions to swampfox@bresnan.net

Anthony G. Sanchez

11/28/2012 @ 14:24 [ref: 67362]
Greetings to all who were with the 58th. Would love to hear from any of you--Bob
09/22/2012 @ 13:12 [ref: 67246]
 Jack Gilbert
 Rio Rancho, NM
While working in Afghanistan as a defense contractor, I was traveling in a passenger aircraft that landed at Kandahar Air Field in November of 2010. While taxiing to our parking spot, we passed a NASA-marked WB-57 on the ramp. Didn't have a chance to photograph it, though!
06/27/2011 @ 12:33 [ref: 39800]
 Ron Markley
 Akron, OH
For Mikre Breslin Hi Mike I was a jet eng mech 64-65 woth the 58th Col. Moller is still around? Great news I would be interested in the photos and looking at more info What is the web site ? I know the 58th was the best so let me know Thanks
06/04/2011 @ 06:41 [ref: 39183]
 Emmet Cook
 San Antonio, TX
Hey Joe Devenport: I remember you. We were both in
F Flight at the same time. I am in touch with Gary Christian (Eng Shop) and Pat Horton (C Flt). Also Chief Denis Davis. There maybe a reunion in Houston by the end of the year.

Would like to hear from you. ecook67@sbcglobal.net
Emmet E Cook
San Antonio, Tx
05/13/2011 @ 10:09 [ref: 37997]
 John Penz
 Kerrville, TX
Hey F Troopers! I was Life Support Superintendent from Oct 1964-Sep 1973. The best self contained Squadron in the Air Force.
I am currently negotiating a second printing of the 58WRSq History book from 1974. This is strictly a non-profit venture on my part. Cost of books depends upon quantity ordered. The book will be a soft cover unless I can get a decent bid on a hard cover. Prices quoted thus far for all 96 pages and color images, spiral bound are: 50 books are $18.40 each, 75 books are $15.60 each and 100 books are $14.02 each. S&H is not included. The more books ordered the cheaper they get.
Any one interested email me at jpenz@stx.rr.com
I will reply to all and keep apprised of situation. No money before final order.
John Penz, CMSgt ret

Long Live La Noche`
05/01/2011 @ 18:46 [ref: 37633]
 Mike Breslin
 New York City, NY
Hi all-I was in the 1211th Test/ 58th WRS 2/62 2 2/65, Nuke Apps & Instruments.
(BTW does ANYONE remember me?!? Karate with Kennedy, always in SH*T, LOL)
Theres an Air Weather Recon Assoc with lots of info,((& Col [now Gen] Moeller's a member)
and I've got decent JPEG's of both the 1211th & 58th WRS patches. If you'd like anything, just email me.
I worked on C's, D's, E's & F's., (also at Stewart in NY with ECM. Mike
03/25/2011 @ 19:15 [ref: 37097]


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