McDonnell-Douglas FA-18A 'Hornet'

Notes: Previously designated F-18A and A-18A. Dual fighter/attack mission capability.
  Base model:FA-18
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter

Not Yet Available

Operators (Past and Present)
USN VAQ-34 Lemoore CA
USN VFA-15 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-82 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-86 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-87 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-106 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-125 Lemoore CA
USN VFA-137 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-203 Cecil Field FL
USN VFA-204 New Orleans LA
USN VFA-303 Lemoore CA
USN VFA-305 Point Mugu CA
USMC VMFA-112 Dallas TX
USMC VMFA-115 MCAS Beaufort SC
USMC VMFA-122 Beaufort SC
USMC VMFA-134 El Toro CA
USMC VMFA-142 Cecil Field FL
USMC VMFA-251 Beaufort SC
USMC VMFA-312 Beaufort SC
USMC VMFA-314 El Toro CA
USMC VMFA-321 Washington DC
USMC VMFA-333 Beaufort SC
USN VX-4 Point Mugu CA

Examples of this type may be found at
Aviation Heritage ParkNAS OceanaVirginia
MCAS El Toro Historical FoundationIrvineCalifornia
NAS Cecil FieldCecil FieldFlorida
NAS FallonFallonNevada
NAS Ft. Worth Joint Reserve BaseFt. WorthTexas
NAS New Orleans Joint Reserve BaseNew OrleansLouisiana
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida
Patuxent River Naval Air MuseumPatuxent RiverMaryland

FA-18A on display

Aviation Heritage Park

NAS Cecil Field

NAS Fallon

National Museum of Naval Aviation

Naval Air Warfare Center


Recent comments by our visitors
 Steve Braley
 Brighton, TN
Stood up VFA-303 at Lemoore. Was the best duty I had.Went thru the grow stages of the hornet, but no complants
10/25/2010 @ 09:30 [ref: 31652]
 Stephen Zacher
 , TX
I served with VMFA-531 and VMFA-314 from 1990-1994. I deployed with both squadrons, one a WestPac and the other aboard the Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf. I was in powerline and enjoyed working on Hornets. More photos at my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7205704@N03/
03/15/2009 @ 14:11 [ref: 23959]
 , WI
The FA-18 may be an exceptional fighter but it can never replace the F-14. It is a multi-role, its okay at shooting both air and ground targets, but not as good at both. An
F-15 or F-14 interceptors or fighters would make quick work of an air target. While an attacker or bomber like
A-10 or B-51 would send a tank to it's maker. I've heard it is easy to control though, it is said to be, "Forgiving". I guess the mean it maneuvers faster, but not necessarily tighter. It really shoulden't be replacing anything, unless the navy has another old multirole. It does have a poor fuel copacity as well. It is still good to have multiroles on a carrier, but why so many?
12/30/2006 @ 07:01 [ref: 15039]
 Mark Elledge
 Tracy, CA
I served in VFA-305 from 1989 - 1993. It was my favorite command. I have worked around P-3's, KC-135's, and CH-47's and the F/A-18 holds a special place in my career. Hard working and dedicated crews. I also noticed this site was signed by Dave Berry. He was one of the best officers I served with. Long live the VFA-305 memories.

SSGT Mark Elledge
08/31/2006 @ 13:20 [ref: 14035]
 Otto L. Diettman
 Middletown, NJ
I retired from VFA-86 21 NOV 2000 I loved the aircraft and the squadron. I helped close Cecil field and I hear it may be coming back. I hope so!!!!
05/29/2006 @ 07:14 [ref: 13401]
 Charles Johnson
 Augusta, GA
I was the 1st pair of "boots" on the ground for Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic (DET: Beaufort) in 1999. (6 Months before VFA 82, VFA 86 and the support crew got checked in at MALS-31)

It's a shame to see VFA 82 go away like this. I did quite a lot of work being the Wing's liason to the Marines at MALS-31.

Helped to get certain things established on base to make the Navy's transition as smooth as possible comming from Cecil Field.

Hopefully the Navy won't do the same to VFA 86!

AS3 C. Johnson
11/20/2005 @ 12:51 [ref: 11745]
 Daniel Casanova
 Seminole, FL
I enjoyed the site very much. I work for a Stocking distributor of all types of electronic and electro-mechanical components. We are listed as a Veteran Owned Small Business with the DOD. If I can help any buyers or engineeres locate any pain parts like obsolete, shortage, hard to find, lead time etc... please email me at danny@aerospaceelite.com. Your site is wonderful...
03/30/2005 @ 12:53 [ref: 9832]
 , TN
I was a Blue Dolphin from July 2003, to the decommissioning. Great Sailors, Great fun. I will miss steak and shrimp in Key West. VFA-203 Gone, but not forgotten. GET-ER-DONE.
03/02/2005 @ 13:18 [ref: 9586]
 Marietta, GA
I've also just found out that the USN is sinking The VFA-82 'Marauders' out of MCAS Beaufort,SC. They will be completely disbanded within 12-18 months.

The USN will select two more squads to hit the history books by years end.

Sad things are happening to the USN squads...

08/10/2004 @ 00:59 [ref: 8020]
 Terry Gray
 Milwaukie, OR
I served as a plane captain/structural mechanic (H) in the fleet replacement sqaudron VFA-125,Lemoore, Calif. Had some great times with my old buddies in Yuma, Ariz., and Fallon, Nevada. I had a great sense of pride being connected to this great machine... some of the best times of my life. FLY NAVY!
07/28/2004 @ 04:12 [ref: 7928]


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