McDonnell XF-85 'Goblin'


Control Panel
  Base model:F-85
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  First Flew:1948/08/23
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  Length: 14' 10.5" 4.5 m
  Height:8' 3.25" 2.5 m
  Wingspan: 21' 1.5" 6.4 m
  Wingarea: 90.0 sq ft 8.3 sq m
  Empty Weight: 3,740 lb 1,696 kg
  Gross Weight: 4,550 lb 2,063 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Westinghouse J34-WE-37
  Thrust (each): 3,000 lb 1,360 kg

  Max Speed: 664 mph 1,069 km/h 577 kt

Examples of this type may be found at
Strategic Air Command MuseumAshlandNebraska
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

XF-85 on display

Strategic Air Command Museum

United States Air Force Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 , MS
it was only 10 or 15 miles per hour slower than the f 86 sabre the best fighter in vietnam but we didnt have the money to work it out
10/31/2009 @ 12:33 [ref: 25240]
 Jack L Gilbert
 Rio Rancho, NM
Considering the fact that the pilot was lieterally straddling the engine in this thing, can you imagine what might have happened if it started shedding compressor blades due to battle damage or engine failure? OUCH!
02/11/2009 @ 12:59 [ref: 23700]
 Nathan W
 , GA
This is the UGLIEST Plane I've ever seen!!!
06/18/2008 @ 07:26 [ref: 21543]
 mineola, TX
I've read about this aircraft.It's down in the worlds most worst aircraft book
01/29/2008 @ 17:25 [ref: 19467]
 c cooper
 , OR
the xf-85 goblin was the smallest jet-powered fighter ever, it was only flown by Ed Scoch, and was found to be very stable unless it was hooking up or unhooking; an obvious result of heavy turbulence from the b-29 motherplane. except for its lack of landing gear and small cockpit, I wouldn't mind having one. the biggest issues were its performance, only 638 mph, and the lack of heavy armament, only 4 .50 cal mgs, the government also pulled funding from the project. if anyone knows where I can get blueprints for the original, share it with the world.
03/07/2006 @ 20:54 [ref: 12724]
 Frank B. Sonnier
 Lafayette, LA
The Goblin was a well handling aircraft. The test pilots liked to fly it, it turned well, climbed well, and had good spin recovery. The problem was in recovery. Due to air turbulence under the mother aircraft, the XF-85 became very unstable. The winglets were added but did not solve the problem. Experiecned test pilots had a lot of trouble in recovery. Given this, the average squadron pilot would find it almost impossible to return to the B-36. Recovery problems and the advent of mid-air refueling ended this project, not the design of the short fuselage.
04/22/2004 @ 17:16 [ref: 7265]
 John Shaft
 , MD
The XF-85 was an ingenious idea but it was found that the
extremely short fuselage made it very difficult to control.
The idea and both prototypes were cancelled, mostly because
of this and the coming disbandment of the B-36 it was to
serve. The fighter likely would have been armed with 2 to 4
20mm cannon and no ordnance.
04/23/2001 @ 17:56 [ref: 2142]
 Dagoberto G. Flores Lozano
 Leon,GTO, OTH
The F-85 was designed as a defense parasite fighter to defend the very large XB-36. It would detach ("take off") from the B-36 bomb bay. I suppose it would return thru hook.

Another example of the idea was the Akron & Macon Zeppelins that would also carry their own fighters.

09/18/2000 @ 03:32 [ref: 765]


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