Northrop N-9MB

  Base model:N-9M
  Basic role:Experimental/Research aircraft
  Crew:Pilot (provisions for observer

  Length: 18.0
  Wingspan: 60
  Wingarea: 490.0 sq ft 45.5 sq m
  Gross Weight: 7,000 lb 3,174 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Franklin OX-540-7
  Horsepower (each): 300

  Max Speed: 320 mph 515 km/h 278 kt
  Ceiling: 21,500 ft 6,552 m

Examples of this type may be found at
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia

N-9MB on display

The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"


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 cairo, CA
Thank u so much
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06/24/2012 @ 05:28 [ref: 61574]
 Herbert E Keuler
 Chilton, WI
Please send me your plans for northrop n9m-12 foot wingsns
02/03/2010 @ 10:56 [ref: 25674]
 Denver, CO
I had the privilege of knowing one of the engineers who helped design this aircraft, Jack Pfarr. He had a little hobby shop, Pfarr's Pflyers, that I spent countless hours in as a kid, and he had pictures of these aircraft on the wall.

03/07/2007 @ 05:05 [ref: 15802]
 Lovell Bryant
 McKees Rocks, PA
I wish to build a model of the N-9MB. I have a book,"Northrop Flying Wings", by G. R. Pape and J. M. Campbell, A Schiffer Military History Book, that gives general dimensions but it would make life a lot easier if I had better schematics.

The Schiffer book gives the date Feb 4, 1950 as the time when the last B-35 was scrapped. I was enroute to the Far East and temporarily housed at Ft. Lewis in January 1953 awaiting shipment overseas when one day I saw this aircraft overhead that had its wing separated from the fuselage. After figuring out what was taking palce I have never forgotten how amazed I was to see a B-35 , making a horrible racket, flying overhead.
02/02/2007 @ 05:43 [ref: 15384]
 , IN
N9M plans are available at http://bellimelgroup.com
01/27/2006 @ 17:38 [ref: 12349]
 Johe Reade
 santa rosa, Ca 95401, CA
Just watched the N-9MB fly in Santa Rosa, Ca. for the "Wings Over Wine Country" air show. What a beautifull sight to behold !! And to be able to get up close on the tarmack was an experience I'll not soon forget. Fantastic restoration job.
08/22/2005 @ 13:13 [ref: 11058]
 manny souza
 san jose, CA
at the hall of fame they have a little foam toy of the the nortrop n-9. how could I get one in san jose? thanks, Manny.
02/10/2005 @ 19:35 [ref: 9414]
 Alan J Chappell
 London, OTH
Hi there,

As you can see from the images uploaded section, our N9MB mini model is now complete. Our second test flight session went better than the first. The pitch problem is solved but the roll/yaw stability is poor. Short periods of level flight are possible but small upsets cause the model to spin out of control quickly. Any ideas as to how to cure this? I'd be reluctant to fit a vertical fin.
01/22/2005 @ 06:47 [ref: 9214]
 Alan J Chappell
 London, OTH
Hi there,

The model of our Northrop N9Mb has been test flown but has a very nose-heavy configuration caused, I suspect, by the use of a standard 5-cell battery pack that meant that the batteries had to occupy the thickest section of the wing. This has been rectified by creating a flatter 5-cell pack that can be mounted further back. The launch speed is high, as one would expect from such a streamlined design but, aside from the nose-heaviness, it flys well. Watch this space for news.

10/21/2004 @ 16:13 [ref: 8481]
 A J Chappell
 London, OTH
Hi there,

I'm building a near scale N-9MB for two channel radio using 2 electric mini motors from a crashed RTF plane. Wingspan is about 28". More news as we get it.

Alan J Chappell.
02/15/2004 @ 05:33 [ref: 6780]


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