Piasecki VZ-8P

Notes: One man flying platform.
  Base model:VZ-8
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1956-1962
  Basic role:VTOL Research

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Examples of this type may be found at
American Helicopter MuseumWest ChesterPennsylvania
United States Army Transportation MuseumFort EustisVirginia

VZ-8P on display

American Helicopter Museum

United States Army Transportation Museum


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 Guy E. Franklin
 Deatsville, AL
Length : 7.95m
Rotor Diameter : 2.26m
Width : 2.87m
Hight : 2.01m
All-Up Weight : 1,065Kg
Own weight : 838Kg
Engine :
Turboméca Artouste II B turboshaft engine (425shp) X 1
Lycoming O-360-A2A piston engine (180shp) X 2
AiResearch TPE331-6 turbine (550shp X 1)
Max Speed : 104Km/h
Cruising Speed : 80Km/h
Service Ceiling : 914m
Range : 40Km
Crew : 2
09/21/2006 @ 07:50 [ref: 14248]
 bill Fleming
 Boston, MA
My first, (and only ) experience with a UFO.
In 1958, I was living in Bath Maine, I was 19 yrs old.
Consider that this was the era of UFO sightings.
One summer morning , I went out to the garden for some berries for my cereal.
I heard a noise coming from over head that sounded like a vacum cleaner, when I looked up there was an aircraft hovering overhead
It looked like a very large jeep with two large fans on each end, It had an open cockpit and I could see the pilot dressed in a grey jumpsuit, helmet and shaded visor.
He was about 80 to 100 ft, overhead, he looked down at me and smiled and then swooshed away
Of course my first thought was that I saw a flying saucer
remember ,this was the 50's
Whenever I told people about it , I always got the same look
It became a long running family joke
Some time later in the mid-80's, I was Christmas shopping when I came across a model kit'THERE IT WAS --- MY UFO

It was a model of the Piasecki ZV-8P Air geep !!!
Enclosed was all the details and information.
I put it together and brought it to the family Christmas get together,I was saved, no longer "The kid that saw the UFO
I might mention that Bath Maine is located next to the Brunswick Naval Air Base, where I later learned that there was a lot of secret testing , because of its remote location
I still like to think of it as my "UFO experience"
Sincerley Bill Fleming

06/10/2004 @ 00:34 [ref: 7580]


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