Republic P-47N 'Thunderbolt'


Control Panel
  Base model:P-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit

  Length: 36' 1" 11.0 m
  Height:14' 8" 4.4 m
  Wingspan: 42' 7" 12.9 m
  Wingarea: 322.0 sq ft 29.9 sq m
  Empty Weight: 11,000 lb 4,988 kg
  Gross Weight: 20,700 lb 9,387 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-77
  Horsepower (each): 2100

  Range: 800 miles 1,288 km
  Cruise Speed: 300 mph 483 km/h 261 kt
  Max Speed: 467 mph 752 km/h 406 kt
  Ceiling: 43,000 ft 13,106 m

Known serial numbers
44-87784 / 44-88333, 44-88334 / 44-88883, 44-88884 / 44-89083, 44-89084 / 44-89283, 44-89284 / 44-89450 , 44-89451 / 44-89683

Examples of this type may be found at
Peterson Air & Space MuseumPeterson AFBColorado
USAF Armament MuseumEglin AFBFlorida
USAF History and Traditions MuseumSan AntonioTexas

P-47N on display

Peterson Air & Space Museum

USAF Armament Museum

USAF History and Traditions Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Lloyd K King
 Ocala, FL
I was a crewcheif on P-47N sn 4488738 QE Later changed to F 738. I was with the 76 th Fighter Squadron. The atuo pilots had been removed.As I remember most all inside or under side of the sheet metal was coated with yellowgreen . Lloyd
12/26/2007 @ 12:30 [ref: 19057]
 C. Pickett
 Louisville, KY
My dad flew a P47N out of Iwo Jima and Clark, AFB, PI. At 83 years old he may yet remember some of the details and definately has fond memories. Loved it more than the 51!
12/14/2007 @ 11:27 [ref: 18914]
 Maurice Green
 Perth, Western Australia, OTH
Can anyone tell me definitively if the P-47N or late P-47D (-30 or -40 Blocks) had untreated (natural aluminium) interiors for wheel wells, cowlings and gun-bays?

In one of his books on the subject of aircraft colours, Dana Bell claims that use of chromate yellow coating on interior parts (except cockpits) was discontinued from July 1944 for most USAAF aircraft and even earlier for USN and P-51 production.

I have viewed some colour slides of P-47Ns on www.ww2color.com but they are faded and not conclusive. The wheel doors appear to be yellow but it is hard to tell.

It is no good quoting what has been seen in a museum after the restorers have done their work.
I would really value information from anyone who has worked on a restoration of a late model P-47 before any changes were made.

11/13/2007 @ 01:02 [ref: 18516]
 Neil Sellar
 Melbourne Victoria, OTH
The P47N carried 570 US Gallons of internal fuel giving it a range of 800 miles at 200 Knots @ 25000 feet. With max of 700 us Gallons external fuel and stores it could travel 2000 miles
at 200 Knots.

the P47N had a max speed of 470 Knots @ 32000 feet and had a service ceiling of 43000 feet There was not one prop aircraft from any country involved in WW11 that could out perform A P47N at altitude.

I get most of my information from WORLD AIRCRAFT INFORMATION FILES (I collected the complete set.) Also from WAR BIRDS OF WORLD WAR 11. a 3 DISK DVD BOX SET. Great set with real action and the Pilots who flew them tell their stories. Produced by
R.B.C. Entertainment. Regards to all Neil.
08/03/2007 @ 07:06 [ref: 17429]
 Jerry Kovach
 , CO
Restoration of the P-47N "Wild Hair" at the Peterson AFB Air & Space Museum is almost complete. Dedication is set for June 10th.
Check our website at "www.petemuseum.org" for restoration photos.
It's been a long ride!

04/15/2005 @ 17:24 [ref: 9961]
 Mike McCorkle
 Colorado Springs, CO
Peterson AFB, CO air museum is a great place to visit. We have recently finished the landscaping and almost all the aircraft have been repainted. Today, 22 July 2001, we began cleaning the R2800 of our P-47N (44-89425). It has been on a pedestal for 30 years and now we are beginning to restore it..probably finish by 2003. The Thunderbolt will now live in the original Peterson hanger. Come see us, Mike
07/21/2001 @ 19:15 [ref: 2716]
 R.. O\'Neill
 River Ridge, LA
Can you tell me if any of the P-47 N models had an auto pilot installed.
I flew the N at SElfridge Field in 1945,but it was not so equipped
I'm told that some models were so equipped and sent to Pacific
CAn you give me ant info and pictures of cockpit on it?
05/24/2001 @ 23:51 [ref: 2348]
 Nathanael Wilde
 , WA
The P-47N's max power was 2800hp, not 2100.
As for the previously mentioned range error, my sources say
2350 miles with max fuel, range on internal fuel is not
known, but the P-47M which had the same engine only had a range of 560 miles. The N model was one of the first (if not the first) to have fuel in the wing; so its internal fuel range could have been around 800 miles.
11/04/2000 @ 22:07 [ref: 991]
 Doug Jeanes
 Addison, TX
The Confederate Air Force has a N model that is currently sponsored by members of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Tx. S/N 89436. It's in the CFM for maintenance now but should be flying in a few weeks.
Blue Skies,
Doug Jeanes
Director Of Maintenance CFM
08/07/2000 @ 17:27 [ref: 580]
 Seattle, WA

Nice Site! Think I found one error though.

You list the range of the P47 N as 800 miles vs 1000 mile
range for the P47D.

The N was the long range version. I think these stats are

Everything else looks right.

Good job overall. :-)

07/01/2000 @ 22:37 [ref: 380]


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