Sikorsky UH-34D 'Seahorse'

  Base model:H-34
  Equivalent to: HUS-1 HUS1HUS-1
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Utility
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  Length: 46' 9" 14.2 m
  Height:15' 11' 4.5 m
  Wingspan: 56' 17.0 m
  Gross Weight: 14,000 lb 6,349 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright R-1820-84
  Horsepower (each): 1525

  Range: 280 miles 450 km
  Cruise Speed: 98 mph 157 km/h 84 kt
  Max Speed: 123 mph 198 km/h 107 kt
  Ceiling: 9,500 ft 2,895 m

Known serial numbers
63-8248 / 63-8259, 63-13006 / 63-13014, 63-13139 / 63-13140, 152686, 153116 / 153133, 153556 / 153558 , 153695 / 153704 , 154045 , 154889 / 154902 , 156592 / 156598

Examples of this type may be found at
Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Assoc.NAS Willow GrovePennsylvania
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia

UH-34D on display

NAS Willow Grove Air Park

The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"


Recent comments by our visitors
 mike cuno
 jacksonville, FL
In viet nam 65and 66 hmm-161 flew over 200 missions in the uh-34 was a crew chief and door gunner. Have 2000 flight hours. One crash engine quit at 2000 ft in the swamp south of Beauford S. C. the blades cut off the pylon and tail rotor.All survived. Auto rotation practice prepares the crew for this kind of situation. Everyone survived.Good air craft my bu # was 148819 in viet nam

07/27/2015 @ 13:32 [ref: 69179]
 Jerry Pleasant, ATCS(AC), Retired
 Flint, TX
HT-8, Ellyson Field, 1964-1967

Crew Chief in UH-34D and UH-34G and occasional flight in a TH-13M.

Rode four of them out of the air: One with a blown jug into Site 8, one with hydraulic failure into a cornfield, one with intermediate gear box failure (tail rotor stopped while over Escambia Bay at night)onto end of runway at NAS Pensacola and one climbing out in thick fog when the starboard clam shell door came open and wrapped itself around the starboard main strut (scared the proverbial out of all three of us).

Made a live rescue on the USS Lexington CV-16) when a T-28 experienced a nose gear collapse and went off the end of the angle deck.

01/03/2015 @ 05:10 [ref: 68860]
 fresno, CA
I flew the UH-34D 'Dog' for about 1300 hours. Vietnam in 66 and 67 with HMM-263. While on 'Steel Pike One' with HMM-262 in 1964, had a mid-air with another a/c in my division over Heuva Spain. The airframe is so well-built, I didn't get a broken bone in a crash from 800'. Great aircraft, we constantly operated in Vietnam outsidethe performance envelope and the bird just did it!
02/07/2009 @ 15:16 [ref: 23669]
 Robert Barlow
 Grand Rivers, KY
I served in Vietnam in 65 and 66 in HMM-161 and HMM-363. I flew several missions as a window gunner. HMM-161 had one UH34D that flew over 150 hours in one month. To me, they were a good reliable chopper but early on parts became hard to come by, especially the engine. We would find old Army 34's and salvage parts off them and turn them in to get spare parts, especially in 363. We managed to get a pretty good reserve of spare parts by turning in the old parts. HMM 363 had one that was shot up really bad (>100 holes) but it still brought the crew back.
12/17/2008 @ 17:49 [ref: 23264]
 jim gall
 San Luis Obispo, ca, CA
Flew H-34s at Naval Station Keflavik between 1968-1970. Lost a rotor at 200 feet on the south coast of Iceland while picking up cargo we jettisoned from an earlier flight from a C-47 with one engine out IFR at 10,000 Totaled air craft and we lost crew chief. Next flight two weeks latter on SAR call had burning oil flumes from transmission deck on the remaining H-34 we had on base. Great Helo if you can keep them flying. . .
11/21/2008 @ 13:18 [ref: 23117]
 C.W. Hutcheson
 Gilbert, SC
I was stationed at NAS Pensacola 1963-1966.
I was asigned to Sea-Air Rescue. We had a H34 as one of our search helicopters. It was a work horse, proving it in many situations.

06/29/2008 @ 17:34 [ref: 21720]
 Nicholas Torrieri
 Boerne, TX
I was in Vietnam '65 and '66.
I was with HMM-363 and HMM-364.

I flew several missions in 34's.
I was a window gunner.

Even in bad times I always felt safe.

I love this bird.

Found your site using Google search.[UH-34D]

Thanks for the site.///Nick
04/26/2008 @ 07:42 [ref: 20723]
 Don Lewis
 Mathis, TX
As an AE1 I got my start in helicopters, making crewchief moer by necessity than by experiance, while stationed in Viet Nam. I was on TAD to NSA Saigon and we had from 1 to 3 of these (affectionaly called) "Shuddering Shithouses" assigned. We had little support, no sparts and limited knowledge but the ol 34 was very forgving. I was in one that we crashed at Dong Tam and then we had one shot down on top of the NSA building in downtown Saigon and all survived both crahes.(pictures below)
01/29/2007 @ 04:26 [ref: 15336]
 Gene Harned
 Live Oak, CA
We have a UH 34D for sale in Live Oak CA.
4500 TT 2200 hrs left on main transmission. 2100 hrs left on Tailrotor Gear box. Engine less thant 100hrs SMO. CDF Certified. Vietnam History have hard copy log book.
Thank You.
01/02/2005 @ 19:55 [ref: 9035]
 william frantz
 oakland, CA
looking for the gun mount that would do in the troop cargo door our museum is rebilding a sikorski any help would be grand
william frantz

05/29/2004 @ 15:26 [ref: 7493]


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