Sopwith Pup

  Base model:Pup
  Basic role:Fighter (UK)

  Length: 19' 3" 5.8 m
  Height:9' 5' 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 26' 6" 8.0 m
  Wingarea: 253.9 sq ft 23.5 sq m
  Empty Weight: 787 lb 356 kg
  Gross Weight: 1,225 lb 555 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Le Rhone 9C
  Horsepower (each): 80

  Max Speed: 111 mph 178 km/h 96 kt
  Ceiling: 17,500 ft 5,333 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Mobility Command MuseumDover AFBDelaware
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario
Champlin Fighter MuseumMesaArizona

Pup on display

Champlin Fighter Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Bay Area, CA
I have a hardcopy (and Microfiche) set of 141 drawings for the Sopwith Pup, if anyone has an interest, email me, I can send an itemized list of the exact sheet names. I am very interested in hearing from anyone who is building(or has built)one of these aircraft.
07/22/2014 @ 08:52 [ref: 68573]
 , OTH
You could try here for pup drawings:

01/25/2011 @ 08:03 [ref: 35870]
 D. Cadorette
 , FL
Replicraft sells both the jim krieder plans and copies of the originals... google replicraft, site has prices and info.
05/22/2010 @ 15:36 [ref: 26411]
 yuma, AZ
the sopwith pup is part of my project and it is so kool!!!!!
05/13/2010 @ 17:43 [ref: 26165]
 Jm McTaggart
 Edinburgh, NH
I am interested in purchasing a pup project...

11/05/2007 @ 10:55 [ref: 18407]
 Jm McTaggart
 Edinburgh, NH
I am interested in purchasing a pup project...

11/05/2007 @ 10:55 [ref: 18406]
 P-Burg, OH
For copies of the original Pup drawings, talk to Leo Opdyke, WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES, INC., 845-473-3679, or visit these web pages: http://www.ww1aeroplanesinc.org/docs/home.htm

09/15/2007 @ 05:34 [ref: 17927]
 R. Green.
 , MO
I\'m looking for Sopwith PUP constructional plans preferbly copies of original drawings. Can anyone help. Thanks
09/02/2007 @ 14:14 [ref: 17817]
 Rob Waring
 , VA
Hmmm, it seems to hide my email address: Robwaring@comcast.net.

03/03/2007 @ 17:03 [ref: 15742]
 Rob Waring
 , VA
To Carrie Kirby, NY: I might be interested in the Sopwith Pup Project if it is still available. Please contact me. Thanks

Rob W.
03/03/2007 @ 17:01 [ref: 15741]


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