Stinson L-5A 'Sentinel'

  Base model:L-5
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison

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Examples of this type may be found at
Confederate Air Force (Southern Minnesota Wing)South St. PaulMinnesota


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The researchers concluded the risk of brain tumours tripled if children under age 10 had two to three scans, and the risk of leukemia was tripled with five to 10 scans in the decade after the first radiation exposure.

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The researchers emphasized these were rare diseases and that the higher risk was still small. The risk of leukemia in children is about 1 in 2,000, so having several CT scans would raise that to about 1 in 600, still "exceedingly rare."

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Parker suggested that if parents have concerns about use of CT scans in children, they should discuss it with the doctor, understand why it may be the best diagnostic for their child at the time and whether alternative could be used such as regular X-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs.

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 Cali L-5 Dude
 , CA
I have a photo taken in 1948 at Hamilton AFB shows the designation "L-5A" on an active L-5 in ARU8.
11/28/2011 @ 06:15 [ref: 50725]
 Jim Gray
 , AZ
If anyone has proof that 680 L-5's mentioned by "Janes All the Worlds Aircraft" were indeed converted from 12 volts to 24 volts, I'd like to see it. There's absolutely no documentation in any of the USAAF manuals that mentions an "L-5A" model a or indicates that this happened, even post-war (sorry Gerry). However, I have it on good authority from someone who was good friends with a Stinson engineer (now deceased) that the 'A' retrofit kit brought the early early 6-volt L-5's (called O-62's) up to the 12 volt standard.
06/10/2005 @ 17:29 [ref: 10444]
 Gerald Asher
 Fort Worth, TX
The L-5A was actually a batch of observer model L-5s which were re-worked from 12- to 24-volt electrical systems - NOT 6- to 12-volt systems as stated above (sorry, Jim).
10/06/2004 @ 16:29 [ref: 8403]
 Jim Gray
 , AK
Additional comment on the 'A' model: this was originally planned to be built with a Ranger engine but the idea was scrapped. There was a factory field conversion kit that changed the very early 6-volt L-5's to 12-volt systems.
08/17/2002 @ 12:50 [ref: 5496]
 Jim Gray
 , AK
There isn't an 'A' model as is popularly believed. The official models are as follows: L-5, L-5B, L-5C, L-5E, and L-5G. The CAF airplane pictured is the straight L-5 sometimes called an "observer" as opposed to the "ambulance" ('B' through 'G') series.
11/24/2000 @ 21:09 [ref: 1087]


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