Mountain Home AFB

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CityMountain Home AFB

Exhibits - By Primary role
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 General Dynamics RF-111A (Aardvark) Serial No: 63-9776 
 North American F-100C (Super Sabre) Serial No: 53-1784 
 Republic F-84F (Thunderstreak) Serial No: 52-6470 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4C (Phantom II) Serial No: 64-0841 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Ralph J. McCoy
 , California

I was at MT home 1961-1963. In pol Fuels. Played at Joes Club in the town. The NOMADS country western
04/03/2015 @ 11:40 [ref: 55757]
 Lawrence W.Chalfant
 Spring Hill, Florida

I also served at Mt Home AFB from 1962 - 1966 in CES and I believe Terry Haslett was my roommate.Please contact me if you see this.I would love to hear from you.
02/07/2015 @ 04:11 [ref: 55735]
 Terry Haslett
 , Arizona

I served at Mountain Home AFB from 1962-1966 in the CES squadron. Looking for their patch.
11/12/2014 @ 06:47 [ref: 55700]
 william sims
 , California

I served at the "Goat", as we called it, from 1963 to 1966. I was in the 9th A&E Sq/ Bomb Nav. I also have hearing loss from all the jet noise and whining of the gyros in the stab unit.
02/23/2014 @ 22:10 [ref: 55581]
 Robert Kennedy
 , Idaho

Please edit "Kennedy" out of the line: I served Kennedy there . I didn't put it there and don't know how it got there. Thanks
12/09/2013 @ 07:13 [ref: 55551]
 Robert Kennedy
 Boise, Idaho

I was stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base from August 1954 through March 1964. I was a Bomb/Navigation technician in the A&E Squadron. I worked on the last of the B-29s stationed there then the B-47s. I have so many great memories of the years I served Kennedy there and the wonderful people I worked with. Thanks! Salute to all those who served. Bob
12/09/2013 @ 06:50 [ref: 55550]
 Dennis Blenn
 , California

I was stationed at Mt Home AFB from 1959 to 1963. I was in Crash Rescue and assigned to the flight line.I have a hearing loss because of the jet noise. I am trying to find someone that was there at that time that can verify what my job was, and that the jets was loud enough to cause a hearing loss.
10/20/2013 @ 19:00 [ref: 55534]
 Robert Hirning
 , Texas

I was stationed at Mt Home, MMS and CES from 1973 to 1976. Great memories. Watched Evil jump the caynon with a bunch of buddies.
08/12/2013 @ 14:16 [ref: 55504]
 Stu Sibitzky
 North Pole, Alaska

Stationed at MH 1971-73. 389thTFS, Electric Chickens. LtCol Arthur was the Commander and LtCol Crosier was the Ops Officer. The squadron building was brand-new. The F-111Fs were still being delivered from the factory and smelled so terribly new. That radar was really great for the A/G roll with a .1 usec pulse length. Lived right inside the gate on Ash. Wonderful tour of duty. OB-1 Wilder was our personal playground. Would love to get back and see the museum. This won't post without a rating so 4 stars it is.
10/26/2010 @ 20:53 [ref: 11508]
 Cora O.
 , Idaho

I'm also looking for my father. I'm not quite sure how to spell it, but his name is Brian Seeger. If you could help me, I'd appreciate it.
03/02/2010 @ 18:57 [ref: 9278]

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