Avro Canada CF-100Mk.5 'Canuck'

  Manufacturer:Avro Canada
  Base model:CF-100
  Basic role:Fighter (Canada)
  First Flew:1955/10/24

  Length: 54' 2" 16.5 m
  Height:14' 6" 4.4 m
  Wingspan: 57' 2" 17.4 m
  Wingarea: 591.0 sq ft 54.9 sq m
  Empty Weight: 23,051 lb 10,478 kg
  Gross Weight: 33,457 lb 15,173 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Avro Canada Orenda 11
  Thrust (each): 7,300 lb 3,310 kg

  Cruise Speed: 471 mph 760 km/h 410 kt
  Max Speed: 552 mph 891 km/h 481 kt
  Climb: 8,750 ft/min 2,666 m/min
  Ceiling: 45,000 ft 13,715 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario
Canadian Warplane Heritage MuseumMount HopeOntario
Peterson Air & Space MuseumPeterson AFBColorado
R.C.A.F. Memorial MuseumAstraOntario

CF-100 Mk.5 on display

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Peterson Air & Space Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 , NS
Hi, I read somewhere the CF-100 had provisions for 4 hardpoints to carry 4000 lb's worth of bombs, could anyone in the know say whether bombing practice was done with the CF-100 on a regular basis?
01/25/2008 @ 12:52 [ref: 19427]
 Daniel C Farrell
 Ottawa, ON
I note that in the "Performance" data you list the cruise speed of the CF-100 as 410 Knots. We almost always cruised at 420 Knots and that is the figure we used for navigation. 420 Knots is 7 nautical miles per minute and makes for easy mental DR.
08/29/2007 @ 08:33 [ref: 17786]
 Jim M
 Trenton, ON
There are 3 CF-100s around here in Trenton that I can think of. One at the RCAF Museum, one at the cadet camp on base and one in Campbellford north of here. The latter is one of the original airframes.
06/12/2006 @ 18:19 [ref: 13509]
 , AB
I agree with Mr. Lovegrove and Mr. Stewart. As mentioned by them, the CF-100 was indeed a two seat all weather fighter, requiring two crew members... PILOT AND NAVIGATOR! Apparently your 'webmaster' just so happened to neglect mention of this very important fact on your website information page, of this most important indigenous Canadian aircraft. Out of respect for the very many people who designed, built and flew this aircraft type and the role in which it played in this country, you people do need to make all the necessary corrections and update your website to reflect this. It may seem a small thing to let a mistake like this appear, however, the director's page boasts about this facility being a 'world class' museum. Certainly details are a very important part of being a world class museum.
04/09/2006 @ 05:38 [ref: 13091]
 Ray Lovegrove
 Vancouver, BC
Difficult to fly a Canuck with only a pilot. All the circuit breakers which made things work were right in front of my right hand, IN THE BACK SEAT, were us navigators used to keep the driver going in the right direction.
Get your facts straight. The CF100 was a two seat All Weather Fighter.
06/02/2005 @ 02:00 [ref: 10371]
 canada, NS
i have afew photos on my site it is not for any kind of profit it is just an interest i picked up when i purchased two 30x30 photos .One cf-100 hg-362 #428 ghost sqd and another rl-201 arrow .My interest took of from there .It is just the cf-100 i am interested in but a few pics .
03/14/2005 @ 02:10 [ref: 9702]
 Merced, CA
I need pictures of a Mk 5 cocpit. These pictures are needed for some restoration work on the interior of an CF-100.

Thank you,
09/01/2004 @ 23:10 [ref: 8199]
 Danny Price
 Halifax, NS

I thought that you should know that your list of Avro cf-100 mk5 should include the one at The Atlantic Canada Avation Museum in Halifax. I am the crew cheif of this aircraft. It is inside a hanger and is about 85% complete
only missing some internals. Its serial is 18747.

04/10/2002 @ 07:36 [ref: 4691]
 Letenre Christian
 Pont--Celles, MB
I shall very pls to receive photo of CF-100 as usued by our Air Force in Belgium.(so with Belgian markings).
We have one in our Air Museum.
10/25/2001 @ 15:02 [ref: 3477]
 , AB
Please send me an Email address where I can send you a zip. file of pictures for your page! I guarantee you that you want these pictures of the CF-100.
02/17/2001 @ 02:59 [ref: 1653]


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