Consolidated OA-10A (A-10A) 'Catalina'

Notes: Aircraft reroled to fulfill the forward air control (FAC) mission.
  Base model:OA-10
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Observation, Amphibian
  See Also:A-10

  Length: 53' 4" 16.2 m
  Height:17' 8" 5.3 m
  Wingspan: 57' 6" 17.5 m
  Wingarea: 506.0 sq ft 47.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 24,959 lb 11,319 kg
  Gross Weight: 47,000 lb 21,315 kg
  Max Weight: 50,000 lb 22,675 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric TF34-GE-100
  Thrust (each): 9,065 lb 4,111 kg

  Range: 2,454 miles 3,951 km
  Cruise Speed: 345 mph 555 km/h 300 kt
  Max Speed: 518 mph 834 km/h 450 kt
  Climb: 6,000 ft/min 1,828 m/min
  Ceiling: 44,200 ft 13,472 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USAF 23d Wing Pope AFB NC
USAF 46th TW Eglin AFB FL
USAF 52d FW Spangdahlem AB GER
USAF 53d Wing Nellis AFB NV
USAF 103d FW Bradley IAP CT
USAF 104th FW Barnes MAP MA
USAF 110th FW W K Kellogg Airport MI
USAF 111th FW Willow Grove ARS PA
USAF 124th Wing Boise Air Terminal ID
USAF 175th Wing Baltimore MD
USAF 347th Wing Moody AFB GA
USAF 354th FW Eielson AFB AK
USAF 355th Wing Davis-Monthan AFB AZ
USAF 442d FW Whiteman AFB MO
USAF 917th Wing Barksdale AFB LA
USAF 926th FW NAS JRB New Orleans LA
USAF Sacramento ALC McClellan AFB CA

Known serial numbers
49-2894 / 49-2896, 73-1664 / 73-1669, 73-1670 / 73-1673, 75-0258 / 75-0309, 76-0512 / 76-0554, 77-0177 / 77-0276 , 78-0582 / 78-0725 , 79-0082 / 79-0225 , 79-0226 / 79-0243 , 80-0140 / 80-0283 , 81-0939 / 81-0998 , 82-0646 / 82-0665

Examples of this type may be found at
Connecticut ANG - 103rd FG, Windsor LocksWinsor LocksConnecticut
Davis-Monthan AFBDavis-Monthan AFBArizona
Empire State Aerosciences MuseumScotiaNew York
Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum FoundationGrissom AFBIndiana
Massachusetts ANG - 104th FW, WestfieldWestfieldMassachusetts
McChord Air MuseumMcChord AFBWashington
McClellan Aviation MuseumMcClellan AFBCalifornia
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut
New York ANG - 174th FW, SyracuseSyracuse ANGBNew York
Pennsylvania ANG - 111st FG, Willow GroveWillow GrovePennsylvania
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona
Pope AFBPope AFBNorth Carolina
USAF Armament MuseumEglin AFBFlorida
USAF History and Traditions MuseumSan AntonioTexas
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

A-10A on display

Connecticut ANG - 103rd FG, Windsor Locks

Empire State Aerosciences Museum

Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum Foundation

Massachusetts ANG - 104th FW, Westfield

McClellan Aviation Museum

New England Air Museum

Pima Air & Space Museum

Pope AFB

United States Air Force Museum

USAF Armament Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
  Visť in Belgium, OTH
In fact I confirme that OA-10A is a version of the A-10A Warthog. No way to say there is a mistake, there isn\\\'t .
The OA-10A is an A-10A used as a FAC. So he has more radio-equipment and his armament is different to mark the targets and if needed to kill it. For that purpose he carries rokets-launchers and AGM-65 Mavriks. And some times,Mk bombs series.
Greg from Visť in Belgium
09/08/2005 @ 09:57 [ref: 11180]
 Bogdan ATAMAN
 Warsaw, OTH
Yes, yes, yes - more photos of Warthogs ; let's have fun...
To the good man who submited photos of REAL Concolidated OA-10 I own a big pack of the best Polish beer.

Greetings from Poland
04/25/2004 @ 18:23 [ref: 7298]
 , VA
Hey Ross... come in through the Manufacturers link and go to Consolidated.. now click on OA-10. Youll find this page and you must also know by looking at the top of this page that Consolidated doesnt make the A-10 Warthog!!
03/12/2004 @ 17:28 [ref: 6965]
 Ross Chappell
 , KS
Easy folks on the OA-10A! This is the correct spot for the
Warthog. If you want to see the old WWII propjob don't look under the "Attack" section.....Hello!!!!
10/07/2002 @ 14:02 [ref: 5837]
 Martin Jones
 Mulberry, FL
The Consolidated OA-10A was a USAAF amphibous aircraft. It was used as an emergency rescue craft and picked up large numbers of downed airmen during the war.
When the Army Air Force becace a separate branch of the military designated United States Air Force in September 1947, the aircraft was redesignated SA-10A and a number of them were assigned to the USAF Air Rescue Service worldwide. These were phased out and replaced by the Grumman SA-16 Albatross amphibians in the early 1950s. I mwas an aircrew member on SA-10 with Flight B, 6th Air Rescue Squadron at Ernest Harmon AFB in Stephenville, Newfoundland

The U.S. Navy operated a much larger number of these same aircraft designated PBY-5A

It really is a shame that this great aircraft is incorrectly described in your web site.

If you would like to correct your information, I will be pleased to furnish whatever information I can and to refer you to some authorative sources if you wish.

Thanks for your efforts to preserve some history of these aircraft and the men who flew them.
01/10/2002 @ 20:30 [ref: 4050]
 Christopher Hill
 , CA
Photos of the Republic A-10 have no place here. They are
almost a discrace to the beauty, and honor of the
CONSOLIDATED OA-10 (aka PBY-5A). To whoever uploaded the
shots, please read the Manufacturer, as well as the
designation. Correctness of information here is of
upmost importance. What if a person who didn't know better
saw the shots and assumed the A-10 flew rescue missions in
WWII. Nonsense. Please be more careful. Thank You.

Christopher Hill
09/14/2001 @ 17:20 [ref: 3186]
 terence Geary
 , CA
To whom it may concern:
You have the USAAF PBY aka OA-10A's description is fine, when you get to the specs we find it has jet engines, OA-10 w"Warthog" and the OA-10A Amphipian are not one in the same..why not seperate them as two completley different aircraft.
Such as OA-10A 44-33877 2nd,ERS(emergency rescue squadron; OA-10A'aka PBY saved lives,Please seperate them.
05/12/2000 @ 00:39 [ref: 182]


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