Grumman A-6F 'Intruder II'

Notes: A-6E modified with advanced radar and armament system along with higher thrust engines and increased landing weight.
  Base model:A-6
  Nickname:Intruder II
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Attack
  Crew:Pilot & Bombardier-Navigator
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  Length: 54' 9" 16.6 m
  Height:16' 2" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 53' 0" 16.1 m
  Wingarea: 529.0 sq ft 49.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 26,746 lb 12,129 kg
  Max Weight: 60,400 lb 27,392 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric F404-GE-400D
  Thrust (each):10,800 lb 4,897 kg


Known serial numbers
163955 / 163984

Examples of this type may be found at
Cradle of Aviation MuseumGarden CityNew York
Intrepid Sea-Air-Space MuseumNew YorkNew York

A-6F on display

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Eric Hall
 , MD
Worked on A-6E & KA-6D's up till 1993. Yea they learned during Kosovo how getting rid of A-6 was a big mistake. Heard when i was at Whidey Is. they were talking about selling them to the French. Asked if anyone with knowledge of systems wanted to go and help operate them. Told them to SIGN-ME-UP. but sale never went thru. I miss them and sure wish they would build newer verision. Maybe with LO, and pointer nose so she could maybe go faster.
04/01/2015 @ 03:22 [ref: 69009]
 steven higgins
 , CA
The A6F would have made a great addition to the military inventory, much more suited to USN needs then FA18 work on A6 A B E and KA6D also the EA6B
03/13/2012 @ 18:37 [ref: 54252]
 , VA
I\'ve been in the Navy 19 years, Yes the Tomcat can go farther and carry the Pheonix, but the Tomcat is way too expensive to maintain. You can man 2.5 SuperHornet squadrons for what it takes to man 1 Tomcat Squadron. Even then the SuperHornet has about a ratio of Maintenance Hours to Flight hours of 10 to 1, the Tomcat and Intruder were in the area of 32 to 1. With the money we were given by congress, we had to take the Hornet/SuperHornet over the Tomcat. I am in no way saying the SuperHornet is superior, but it can carry a wider range of ordnance.
09/02/2008 @ 20:27 [ref: 22598]
 Jimmy Petruzzelli
 Central Islip, NY
I worked out in Grumman Calverton,N.Y., in the Security Dept. And saw the A 6F test fly many times and knew the Navy test pilots that flew it in the late 80's. It was a great all weather jet. It's shame the program ended. It was a great time.
02/29/2008 @ 06:43 [ref: 19812]
 Adam Hodge
 Marietta, GA
(Not sure exactly what A-6 Variation Section to put this one in)

Hey Guys,

I'm a big Intruder fan (Didn't get to see it fly much as was only seven when VA-75, The Last Intruder Sqn, Flew into the history books) and I'm trying to start up a collection of original VA and VMA Patches (Squadron,Shoulder,Decomm, Anything) and was wondering if anyone had anything they could offer? I have very,very little as far as Intruder Squadron Patches go and anything anyone could help me with, I'd appreciate it tons (Will even shoot a little $$ over if need be). I'm trying to do it as a keepsake along with Sluff squadrons.

If anyone can assist me, Please email me at HODGETCA@aol.com

Thanks So Much in Advance and Fly Navy Always!

02/03/2008 @ 03:14 [ref: 19536]
 , WA
I worked on them bad boy's for 3 years, I loved it! The A-6F would have been KICK BUTT jet. Had an opportunity to go back, but got stuck working I-Level Maintenance. I'll give up working in an A/C Shop to work on that ALL WEATHER ATTACK in any weather any day. VA-165 RULES!!!

Please stop bad mouthing them F/A-18's, I work for Boeing. Grumman A-6 and F-14 still #1.
07/06/2007 @ 16:52 [ref: 17028]
 Steve Graham
 Raleigh, NC
When I served in the USN, our squadron, VA-176 flew A-6A's. Yep, A models. When I got out of the Navy in '73, the C models were beginning to hit the fleet and tales of how great the E models would be were common. I hated to see the Intruder replaced by an inferior aircraft. The Hornet simply can't carry the ordnance that the A-6 could. I served aboard USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) along with our Intruders. It was a fantastic aircraft.
11/25/2006 @ 13:49 [ref: 14843]
 ralph maccio
 Adelaide, OTH
Seems like such a waste. I mean I guess there is some validity in saying that using a multirole plane is more ecconomical but having a "jack of all trades" means its a master of none. Would have been good to see a re-engined, re-winged intruder...

And for the regimental record, flight of the intruder sucked. Even if it did have Willem Dafoe. :)
03/03/2006 @ 21:24 [ref: 12694]
 Tempe, AZ
Remembering so well all the aircraft that Grumman produced. The lunar module and it's command performance on Apollo 13! Nothing ever could top the great machines Grumman made. 20 great years working for them on the A-6, E2C, F-14, EF111, etc. Even worked on the space shuttle wing assembly. Great time in my life!
03/02/2005 @ 21:43 [ref: 9594]
 Jon Bryan
 various, NH
I agree with Joe. the A-6F and the Super Tomcat would of been awesome as a team, just as the earlier models were. We still find the the hornets (all models) still need to carry external fuel tanks. When they made the super hornet they also superfied the original problems. Too bad politics interfer with the military.
08/19/2002 @ 00:59 [ref: 5507]


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