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CityShaw AFB
StateSouth Carolina

Exhibits - By Primary role
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Douglas EB-66C (Destroyer) Serial No: 54-0564 
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 McDonnell F-101B (Voodoo) Serial No: 58-273 
 McDonnell RF-101C (Voodoo) Serial No: 56-099 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas RF-4C (Phantom II) Serial No: 63-7748 
Observation - 'O' 1962-Present
 Cessna O-2A (Skymaster) Serial No: 68-10962 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 A2C Gordy Whitcomb
 Tekamah, Nebraska

I was in 837 combat support group (fuel supply 837 supply squadron) 1961-63. Also assigned air police augmentee. Later I was told all of us in 837th during the Cuban crisis were to get presidential unit citation. During the Cuban crisis I STOOD guard 12 on 12 off. Because all fuel supply personnel had top secret clearance and flight line badges they chose us for air police augmentees. Would love to hear from any POL people from those years.
12/08/2014 @ 06:28 [ref: 55712]
 Jimmy Payne
 , South Carolina

I was stationed at Shaw from '60-'64. (837 base ops and 4411 fms In '63 or '64 one of our two T-29s crashed out west in the snow and wasn't found til the folowing summer. The crew chief's was T/sgr Fairly ,May be spelled wrong. Anyone have any oinfo on the crash ?
05/26/2014 @ 03:50 [ref: 55613]
 , Connecticut

My father was stationed at Shaw AFB in 1963 with the 837 Combat Support Group (TAC) He recently passed and I am looking for any patches or insignia that might be associated with the 837th so I can put with his display case. Any one with info please post. Thanks
10/26/2012 @ 17:48 [ref: 55345]
 William Goswick
 Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was assigned to the 727th AC&W Sqdn at Myrtle Beach AFB, SC in January 1961, and served there until August 1963. I have many good memories from that period. I served with some great people including A1C Joel Perdue (from Georgia), who went on to become an officer in the USAF. I also served with Master SGT Pimentel from the Phillipines, A2C Ronald Rowe from Illinois, and A2C Bill Ford from Missouri. I enjoyed working with them.
09/12/2012 @ 10:29 [ref: 55283]
 fairborn,, Ohio

Volpachinni was the ground crew member that was flying with Capt Femmer. It was a sad day. Did you know Volp flipped with another ground crew member to fly on that aircraft? I was stationed there and in the sq from 1954 for about two years. The name is probably spelled wrong.
07/30/2011 @ 14:43 [ref: 20938]
 jesse f coats jr
 petal ms, Mississippi

i was stationed at Shaw 1953 until 1957. was crew chief on the f80-t33-rf84-rf101.was discharged on nov 27 the rf 101 and sun run date. would love to have some of the pictures if anyone has them. thanks
01/31/2011 @ 09:33 [ref: 12515]
 Martin (Tony) Weissgarber
 San Antonio, Texas

The RF-101 brought me home to Udorn, Thailand, after every mission. Even on 5 Oct 65, although heavily damaged, the bird never flew again because of battle damage, it brought me home. The RF-101 had bad characteristics, such as "pitch-up", but it would accelerate and escape MiGs. I wish I could find a cloth RF-101 to sew on a jacket. I loved that bird.
01/17/2011 @ 09:14 [ref: 12457]
 Henry Grimes
 Opelousas, Louisiana

I was recently denied my disability claim with the VA because, my military records do not indicate I went on a 179 day miltary TDY to Tansonut AFB, South Vietman, with the 728th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, in 1962. I need a statement from a fellow airman who on this assignment and remember I was present. I was Airman Second Class Grimes and I AFSC was Administrative Clerk, 70250. If you were there..please email or call me at 337-306-0177. Thanking you in advance
06/10/2010 @ 07:43 [ref: 9387]
 Ron Patterson
 , Ohio

I was stationed at Shaw from 1954-1956 and worked as a assistant crew chief on brand new T-33 and B-57 aircraft. I visited Shaw and was surprised they have no B57 aircraft exhibited. I friend of mine John Volpacunni (spelling may be wrong) from Pa. was flying with the pilot Capt Femmer on a FCF and the aircraft crashed by the trailer park outside the base. It was a sad day for us as they were both killed. We had another B75 that landed with the landing gear not lowered. This was the start of my 30 years AF career.
01/07/2010 @ 09:40 [ref: 9219]
 John Hayes
 Concord, North Carolina

I was discharged at Shaw AFB late in mid 1952 after my first hitch and re-enlisted there for the 727th AC&W Sq. (Headquarted at Shaw but Radar Operations at Congaree AB. The radar Ops was later moved back to Shaw (in the boonies East of the runway) The base still had B-26 Recons and perhaps a couple of F-80's Left. The VooDoo was pretty new and they were getting or had B45's. While I was there the Canbara flew the Atlantic twice in one day so it wasn't long before the base got the B-57's. The Sqdn left Shaw for Myrtle Beach, and arrived there just before hurricane Hazel. We left a Detachment at Shaw with a TPS-1D. Tempory assignments were made to the Detachment at Shaw for maternity purposes ETC. I was in Det #1 at Shaw when the 728th AC&W moved in and absorbed Det #1. That put me in the 728th but I was due for discharg again and re-enlinted at Myrtle Beach. (The Air Base at Myrtle Beach was under construction at that time) I also went on "Sage Brush" (as others has mentioned) to Camp Polk, La. which had just been reactivated for "Sage Brush" and became Fort Polk. I was well bewarded for my efforts for I went from S/Sgt to Warrent Officer (skipping M/Sgt) with the 727th. John
08/10/2008 @ 17:58 [ref: 8339]

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