Convair T-29A

  Base model:T-29
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
49-1912 / 49-1945, 50-183 / 50-194

Examples of this type may be found at
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona
Sheppard AFB Air ParkSheppard AFBTexas
Strategic Air Command MuseumAshlandNebraska

T-29A on display

Sheppard AFB Air Park

Strategic Air Command Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Bob Crane
 Kempner,, TX
I was assigned the Academy 12/58-62 and from 65-66. Staley was the 1st Sgt and I was a flt mech. I'm trying to locate the 7625th squadron patch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. BC
11/18/2014 @ 16:21 [ref: 68768]
 Aaron B. Cassity
 Dallas, TX
I was a crew chief and flight engineer at Harlingen AFB from mid dsummer 53 to Nov.54. Wonderful duty. Made S/sgt there. My line chief was a full blood Seminole Indian by the name of Theadore (Ted) Wilder. We had been together from 1st Tow Target, Biggs,Perrin AFB Sherman, Tex (B.26s)
Vance AFB Enid, Okla and Harlingen.
03/19/2014 @ 06:51 [ref: 68423]
 Ralph Parker
 Reno, NV
I was a instrument repairman while at Harlingen. the only air conditioned shop on the flightline. Left there and headed overseas. Only person I can recall was a sgt renfro who later became a civilian employee in the same shop.
Ralph parker
07/23/2013 @ 21:35 [ref: 67962]
 Bert Fletcher
 Port Angeles, WA
Troy Bott: To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a kit of the T-29. I did, however, buy a 115th scale C-131 by HAWK in 1959 while I was stationed at the Academy. TESTORS allegedly re-issued the kit several years ago, but to this day, I've never been able to find one. You can have a kit custom made by any number of wooden display model manufacturers. Probably around $150 I would guess. You can find 'em on the internet.
02/22/2013 @ 09:02 [ref: 67608]
 Troy Bott
 Frisco, TX
Trained in the T-29 at Harlingen AFB, Texas, in 1959-1960.
Was assigned to KC-97's after commision. Would love to get a model of the T-29, but can't seem to find one. Help!
02/20/2013 @ 00:50 [ref: 67598]
 Doug Kahler
 Panama City, FL
The summer of 1973 I was a two stripper assigned to 363rd Fighter Wing at Shaw AFB,SC my section was Base Flight which consisted of two T-29 Convairs, two T-39 Sabreliners, an EB-56 Canberra and about a half dozen of T-33 Shooting stars.
I was the lowest rank in the Flight and caught hell. I remember a TSgt Vickers, a T-29 Crew Chief, one day I was helping him and another guy during a Thru-Flight. We seviced oil on a motor when Vickers tricked me into going into the hangar for a bucket of prop wash. i dutifully got a bucket, searched then went into the flight office and asked the wrong question... where's the prop wash kept?
No one ever left me live that down.
I was a Jet Engine ACFT Crew Chief but sure enjoyed learning basics of the Convair.
01/10/2013 @ 10:22 [ref: 67491]
 Bert Fletcher
 Port Angeles, WA
I was hoping to contact Meyers through this forum about the T-29 crew chiefs he mentioned, but have been unsuccesful. I probably knew most if not all of them. I have a brother-in-law who looks EXACTLY like Lt. General James E. Briggs, former Academy Commandant. Did you ever transport him around in the C-131 assigned to the Academy?
08/21/2012 @ 08:34 [ref: 66158]
 Don Morin
 Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Bert, I just happened to notice the comment by Ron Meyers. After the 7625th, was transferred Lock Stock and Barrel, to Air Training Command at Lowry AFB, I requested and was assigned to James Connally AFB, again. I ended up in the T-29 Standboard section, and had the pleasure of being in that section with Ron. If I am not mistaken, we were both on board being checked, when I took my last check ride, with a Captain from Air Training Command Headquarters.
08/20/2012 @ 10:10 [ref: 66146]
 Bert Fletcher
 Port Angeles, WA
Donald L. Morin...Thanks for your comment! Lt. Col. Leonard M. Legge was squadron CO when I checked in to the squadron in April 1957. First Sgt. was M/sgt. Roscoe Staley, later promoted to E-8 in August of 1958....I think. Col Legge eventually went on to B-58 training and Col. Morrison took over, AKA "Red Leader" because of his flaming red hair. Nice guy, very approachable to everyone. Adjutant was Capt. Oscar Jones. Capt. Phillip Willer was our Maintenance Officer down in hangar 2. M/sgt. Robert Beecher was Periodic Maintenance NCOIC. I only personally knew about a half dozen of the pilots, all of whom were there when I transferred in from Bolling AFB, D.C. Very few pilots frequented my duty area, so I didn't really know very many. But you and I may have brushed elbows on your return from a Round Robin or at Commander's Call. After I became a civilian business man, I learned to fly and eventually owned several planes over the 30 years that I actively flew. My favorite was my Piper Cherokee 180.
08/13/2012 @ 19:03 [ref: 65601]
 Donald L. Morin
 Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Bert Fletcher, I was a T29 pilot with the 7625th at Lowry. I arrived in September of 1958, just a couple of weeks, while the Academy still had a couple people in each office for clearance. I don't remember the name of the Squadron Commander, but I do remember when Colonel Robert Morrison took over. I remember well, Sergeant Ralph Evans (the only DD that 53484 ever had, he picked it up at the factory. I also remember Jimmy Sutton. I also flew T-29's at James Connally AFB, both before and after my Korean and then AFACAD assignments.
07/12/2012 @ 16:39 [ref: 63187]


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