North American T-6G 'Texan'

  Manufacturer:North American
  Base model:T-6
  Equivalent to: SNJ-7
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer
  See Also:AT-6

  Length: 29' 6" 8.9 m
  Height:11' 9" 3.5 m
  Wingspan: 42' 0.25" 12.8 m
  Empty Weight: 4,158 lb 1,885 kg
  Max Weight: 5,300 lb 2,403 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1
  Horsepower (each): 550

  Range: 750 miles 1,207 km
  Max Speed: 205 mph 330 km/h 178 kt
  Ceiling: 21,500 ft 6,552 m

Known serial numbers
49-2897 / 49-3537, 50-1277 / 50-1326, 51-14314 / 51-15237, 51-16071 / 51-16077, 51-17354 / 51-17364, 52-8197 / 52-8246 , 53-4555 / 53-4614

Examples of this type may be found at
Alaska ANG - 176th Gp, AnchorageKulis ANGBAlaska
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario
Canadian Warplane Heritage MuseumMount HopeOntario
Confederate Air Force - Arizona WingMesaArizona
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
Planes of Fame Air MuseumEden PrairieMinnesota
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

T-6G on display

Confederate Air Force - Arizona Wing

Museum of Aviation


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 , AL
09/13/2012 @ 20:02 [ref: 67221]
 Dale Clemens
 West End, NC
I was amazed to see Charlie Pletcher's name. We were both in USAF Pilot Training class 56-n at Marianna, FL in 1955, and good friends. We were in one of the very last classes to fly T-6G's in the USAF.
06/24/2012 @ 20:16 [ref: 61671]
 Charlie Pletcher
 State College, PA
Flew the T-6G at USAF flying training,Graham Air Base,
Marianna,FL in 1955. Class 56N.
10/14/2010 @ 11:34 [ref: 31490]
 Aix en Provence, OTH
Former military pilot, I started to fly on T6D in Marrakech to Morocco in 1959. I was 19 years old! it is far all that!
11/28/2007 @ 04:46 [ref: 18697]
 huntington beach, CA
i flew one of these for my 15th birthday last year as a present from my grandfather, a usaf (ret) pilot. if you are looking for places to fly one go to www.americanwarbird.com or email them at amwarbird@earthlink.com
my email:musicman6899@hotmail.com
their email: amwarbird@earthlink.com
their phone #: 314-614-1831
03/09/2007 @ 08:58 [ref: 15830]
 Thomas Puchalski
 Winnipeg, Manitoba, OTH
My father, Russell Puchalski, worked as a tool and die maker in the Canada Car factory in Thunder Bay, Ontario after WWII, and built T-6 "Harvards", as they were called in Canada. His crew built the last batch of T-6's (13 aircraft) ever made in their factory, which were flown to Pennsylvania for delivery.
02/24/2006 @ 18:30 [ref: 12610]
 Harry E. Cummings
 Winthrop, NY
Number 74 is an Navy SNJ-5 With the tail marking indicating that it is from Corry field near Pensacola, FL. I was at Saufly Fild which had SB as a tail marking.
02/21/2006 @ 18:09 [ref: 12565]
 James E Lee aka Cocker
 Camp Hill, PA
A very special T-6 . Graduated June 1943 Class 43F Selma Alabama .1,000 hours in the back seat as instructor at many schools . Flight Test at Wright Field had a Model with an Experimental All Glass Wing made by Corning Glass , Elmira , NY . A program for 500 hours service test was conducted of which I flew many hours .This wing had such a low Radar Image that a Transponder had to be installed for Test programs , Perhaps this was the beginning of Stealth . Wright Stuff 1949-53 .
10/23/2005 @ 13:55 [ref: 11546]
 David Johnson
 Cincinnati, OH
A North American AT-6 Texan just cruised in for a landing at the Blue Ash (Ohio) Airport across from my office building. I found that it is here just for the general public to purchase flights. I say flights, not rides, because they will let you fly the plane, everything except takeoff and landing. It is pricey, but the notes I saw on their website make it sound worth the money. See this website:

04/26/2004 @ 16:19 [ref: 7309]
 Tom Murphy
 Huntington Beach, CA
Of all the planes I flew as a USAF pilot during the 1950s, the AT-6 Texan was my favorite despite the fact that my instructor and I crashed two of them during primary flight training in 1952.What a sweet flying experience it was to solo in this trainer!!
08/21/2003 @ 10:31 [ref: 6650]


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