Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17 'Fresco C'
Manufacturer:Mikoyan Gurevich
Nickname: Fresco C
Type: Fighter
Length: 36' 11.5" 11.26 M
Height:12' 5.6' 3.66 M
Wingspan: 31' 7" 9.63 M
Wingarea: 243.70 Sq Ft 22.64 Sq M
Empty Weight: 8371.00 lbs3796.00 Kg
Gross Weight: 11460.0 lbs5197.00 Kg
Max Weight: 13068.0lbs5926.00 Kg
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: Klimov VK-1A
Thrust (each): 5953 2700
Range: 805 miles1296.00 Km
Max Speed: 690.00 Mph1114.00 Km/H 602.16 Kt
Ceiling: 51170.0 Ft15596.0 M

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