South Dakota Air and Space Museum

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CityEllsworth AFB
StateSouth Dakota

Exhibits - By Primary role
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Vought A-7D (Corsair II) Serial No: 74-1739 
Basic Trainer - 'BT' 1930-1947
 Vultee BT-13A (Valiant) Serial No: 41-22204  
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Boeing B-29 (Superfortress) Serial No: 44-87779 
 Boeing B-52D (Stratofortress) Serial No: 56-0657 
 Boeing EB-47E (Stratojet) Serial No: 52-0410  
 Douglas B-26K (Invader) Serial No: 64-17640  
 Martin EB-57B (Night Intruder) Serial No: 52-1548 
 North American VB-25J (Mitchell) Serial No: 43-4030 
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Convair F-102A (Delta Dagger) Serial No: 56-1017  
 General Dynamics FB-111A (Aardvark) Serial No: 68-0248 
 McDonnell F-101B (Voodoo) Serial No: 59-426 
 North American F-86H (Sabre) Serial No: 53-1302 
 Republic F-105B (Thunderchief) Serial No: 57-5839 
 Republic F-84F (Thunderstreak) Serial No: 52-8886 
Helicopter - 'H' 1948-Present
 Bell OH-13H (Sioux) Serial No: 58-1520 
Helicopter - 'H' 1962-Present
 Bell UH-1F (Iroquois) Serial No: 65-7951 
Liaison - 'L' 1942-1962
 Stinson L-5G (Sentinel) Serial No: 4628  
Observation - 'O' 1962-Present
 Cessna O-2A (Skymaster) Serial No: 67-21422  
Trainer - 'T' 1948-Present
 Lockheed T-33A (Shooting Star) Serial No: 57-0590  
 Northrop YT-38A (Talon) Serial No: 58-1192  
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Beech C-45H (Expeditor) Serial No: 52-10866  
 Boeing EC-135A (Stratolifter) Serial No: 61-0262 
 Convair C-131D (Samaritan) Serial No: 55-292  
 Douglas C-47A (Skytrain) Serial No: 42-92127 
 Douglas C-54D (Skymaster) Serial No: 42-72592  
Utility - 'U' 1952-Present
 Beechcraft U-8D (Seminole) Serial No: 56-3708  
 Cessna U-3A Serial No: 57-5872  


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